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Report Scams & Fraudulent Sites

Whether you are a victim of Crypto scam , forex scam, wire fraud or any type of scam, you can file a complaint on this website and we will take it up. Don’t be Silent, Report Fraud and get a chance to reclaim your money back.

Advisory Services

We have decades of experience guiding victims of scam through a successful recovery process


You can report any type of Scam or fraudulent website. We will take steps to ensure you recover your investment.


We’ve been strategy thought leaders for nearly 2 decades and we bring unrivaled and unique strategies when handling each complaint.


The best trained customer service representatives are available for you 24/7.

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How Does it Work?

File a Complaint

The first step is to file a complaint stating as much information as you can about the transactions and details of the website.

We Carry Out Investigations

Once we have enough information from you, we begin our investigations to map out and recommend best strategies for funds recovery.

Suggest Multi Solutions

Our qualified team of experts will provide you with cutting edge solutions and recommendations on the best mode of recovery.

what we do

How we can help you:

File a Complaint

We welcome you to lodge a complaint to recover your funds from crypto scam, real estate scam, online dating scam and so on.

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Report Scammers Websites

We have a database where you can report scam websites whether cryptocurrency or fiat currencies or bank transfers.

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Scam Websites

Before you finalize that transaction with that website, first check here to make sure they have not been listed as spam by other users.

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