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Antrush Broker Review – What Is Wrong With Broker?

Antrush is a corporation that operates solely on the confidence of its shareholders. They promise to take care of all the laborious work while you sit back and enjoy your rewards. Because it collaborates with specialized accounting companies and auditing platforms that trade a variety of items, the platform has the ability to generate substantial profits.

Is Antrush a Licensed Broker?

Antrush is able to persuade its customers that it has a license from the Australian organization. They also claim to have offices in the United States of America, Canada, and New Zealand. Because of the stringent regulations governing these spheres, brokers are required to have substantial financial resources. They are an unauthorized entity since they are operating a business without the required license.

The United States’s system of financial oversight is considered to be among the most stringent worldwide. In order to get the regulatory form, a company is required to make a capital deposit of $20 million. In addition to that, it is required to enter the names of the corporate and financial managers who will be overseeing the investment operations. In this manner, the agency will know who to go after in the event that things go awry.

Sadly, Antrush is not subject to the supervision of a watchdog. They are doing things on their own without assistance. The company does not provide the authorities with a summary of the daily transactions that it processes. They have an easy ability to alter the pricing. In addition, the broker has little possibility of competing with the top schemes due to the fact that they are too far behind. They do not have a terms and conditions policy, which demonstrates how lightly they take their business.

Why Should Not You Trust an Unlicensed Broker?

In the case that a broker is unregulated or is regulated by an institution that is located outside of your country, you have very little to no legal remedies available to you in the event that your money are stolen. Complaints may only be filed against a broker in the case of theft if the regulator in your jurisdiction has issued that broker with a license. If the regulatory body in your country does not provide a license to a broker, it is very probable that the broker is uncontrolled and you should avoid doing business with them. Even if the brokerage is regulated, it is still in your best interest to steer clear of it if the regulator is located in a different country.

Can Antrush Be Trusted?

Antrush is a letdown not only because there is no regulation whatsoever in place, but also because the firm does not provide trading circumstances that are competitive. This is a double blow to consumers’ expectations. For instance, the leverage that it offers, which is 1:200, is too high. There is no lack of businesses that provide such enormous quantities of leverage, and the most of them are not licensed either! They are only using the fact that they are not licensed to offer them to customers who are not well enough equipped to deal with high-leverage trading and the consequences of doing so – not only Australia’s regulators, but also the vast majority of regulators around the world, are on board with the leverage ban.

Warnings From Financial Regulators

On its website includes a section titled “Requirements,” in which it is said that Antrush complies with the regulations of ASIC, MSB in the United States, and FinCEN. According to the findings of our investigation, the Antrush Group does not exist. Furthermore, this company has never been regulated by the ASIC, the MSB, the FinCEN, or any other regulatory organization.

Be cautious, since the next person who is taken in by the Antrush trading scam might be you!

What Do Traders Think Of Antrush?

After doing some research on various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), as well as online trading forums, a general theme emerged in which users were dissatisfied with their experience with Antrush. These users expressed their dissatisfaction with the following phrases: It would seem from this customer feedback that Antrush is not a trustworthy broker; as a result, great care is required prior to making any investments using their brokerage platform.

Also, we recommend staying away from scammers, such as GCC, Go CapitalFX and FXC Markets. You will not be able to withdraw funds!

Platform Offered by Antrush

The entity asserts that it is in possession of the MT5 software. This is a well-known interface that a lot of traders really like using. In addition, the charts and other trading tools are really helpful. The system is reliable and intuitive to use. The plan claims that it has been honored with a number of accolades. These individuals include the top broker for the year 2019 as well as the top researchers for the same year.

Unfortunately, Antrush does not name the company or organizations that bestowed the titles upon them. The only thing that the scheme is adept at doing well is scamming unsuspecting customers. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm whether or not the broker provides the MetaTrader5 platform. The download URL seems to be malicious, in contrast to what respectable companies often supply. The customers are claiming that the link is a virus since their device alerts them that the file might cause harm to the PC.

Country Serving by Antrush

The bulk of complaints with Antrush originate from the following:

US, Thailand, Germany, and France.

Antrush Range of Trading Markets

The following financial products are available for trading with Antrush:

  • Forex currency pairs like AUD/USD, USD/JPY, and NZD/USD
  • Metals and crude oil are examples of commodities.
  • Cryptocurrencies (Cryptos such as BCH, BTC and ETH).

Strangely enough, there are no shares or indexes available. And there is another another major drawback to the situation.

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Terms of Antrush

Antrush has a minimum deposit requirement of $500, although there are no specific account categories. In essence, no list could tell us what rewards are available if a greater quantity of money is invested.

You have the opportunity to get a bonus ranging from $100 to $500 if you decide to switch your account from another company to an Antrush broker. In comparison, the standard Antrush bonus on deposits may go up to $1,000.

Ways to Make a Deposit

Deposits are accessible via: 

  • Crypto
  • Bank Wire Transfers
  • Debit Cards

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