Bcoinex Exchange: Safe Investment or Potential Scam?

Is Bcoinex Legit or a Scam?

We have discovered that bcoinex.org is not safe for users. We are currently investigating its legitimacy. The site lacks transparency regarding its safety standards. Our evaluation of Bcoinex is low according to our assessment. 

We consider various factors such as the site’s rankings and SSL certificate usage. Unfortunately, the site has been exploited by scammers using false domain names. Therefore, we have determined that Bcoinex scam Broker.

What is Bcoinex?

BcoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange that aims to simplify crypto trading. It offers a range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, WorldCoin, Solana, Ordinals, SATS, Avalanche, and others. Traders can now easily trade these cryptocurrencies on the platform.


Regulated by:


Is This Company Safe?


Known Websites:


Have Warnings from:


Registered in:

Hong Kong

Operating since:


Deposit Bonus:

Not available

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How to  Withdraw from This Company?


If you have lost money to companies like Zbtcex.com or Spryker-Assign, please report it to us on our Report a Scam form.

Deposits and Withdrawals

In my analysis, this website is hiding its facts and figures. Most users complain about the same; depositing crypto assets is as easy as cutting cake, but taking withdrawals is as hard as honey-bee attacks. Again, it isn’t very pleasant on the official site that nothing proper about the payment method and deposit limits is mentioned and shown.

Account Types

Bcoinex reviews are the same true for account types; this fraudulent site is an easy trap for traders, and most fall apart. Registering an account is straightforward, but most often, this leads to blocking your account after depositing. So, the worst is going to happen.

 Warning Signs / Red flags

The bcoinex.org is all about pathetic and pre-planned scams; I’dscams you weren’t aware of. Red flags value doors to online spamming – and the web permits scammers to work from any region of the planet with namelessness and plans.

  • Don’t be a part of the Bcoinex scam, and carefully read these red-flagged signs;
  • The site’s owner is obscuring his personality and official identification
  • This site doesn’t have a good traffic ratio, even not traffic
  • A few spammers and tricksters utilize this site’s users’ IDs to threaten and blackmail for money scam
  • This site has just been enrolled just recently.

Customer Complaint / Negative Review

We openly say that you shouldn’t fall into the Bcoinex scam because this site is under the scammer’s hands. At the scammer’s fingertips, the site changes its basis of standards. For public information, there are always reviews, but you won’t find any customer-complaint reviews from users because scammers are liberal in deleting customer complaints.

Read our carefully selected list of 100 top regulated brokers to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.


How reliable is BCoinEx?

Coinex is a safe and genuine trade accessible to nearly everybody all over the planet. The stage may not be directed, however, it follows a firm protection strategy and security rules, making it secure for all clients.

Is CoinEx legal in the USA?

Yes, coins are legal operating in the US.

Where is CoinEx located?

Hong Kong.

How to consider a company a scam?

According to the Bcoinex reviews, Check the Company domain age and then its regulation authorities.

Got Scammed by Bcoinex? We Help Victims!

If you have been scammed by Bcoinex Scam broker house do not panic. Our team is here to support you. We are dedicated to helping scam victims regain financial control and providing a sense of solidarity in their fight against fraud. No worries, as our team of experienced professionals is ready to assist you with this scam recovery. Let us assist you in reclaiming what rightfully belongs to you. 

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