The Warning Signs of the Daxson Investment Scam

We don’t believe Daxson Investment Management to be a reliable broker, despite the fact that they seem willing to provide services to clients. One explanation is that Daxson Investment Management has received a warning from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Daxson Investment Management is a troublesome broker, according to CONSOB, Italy’s primary financial markets regulator.

Is Daxson Investment Management a Licensed Broker?

Your cash might be put in jeopardy if you make a deposit at daxson invest since the company is not regulated and is most likely operating in violation of the law. Therefore, there is even additional justification for avoiding daxson invest in any way possible!

The platform’s administrators may keep your money while avoiding accountability for their illegal conduct since there are no regulations. They might vanish without anyone noticing at any moment.

Why Should Not You Trust an Unlicensed Broker?

Companies that provide investment services online but lack the necessary license are unable to offer their customers any kind of security against potential losses. On the other hand, regulated businesses are legally obligated to comply with a myriad of laws designed to protect the financial assets of their customers. For instance, a corporation is eligible for a license in the majority of countries provided it satisfies the minimum capital requirement. This criterion varies from nation to country and may also be contingent on product specification, business categorization, and other factors.

You should be able to readily find out who the CEO of this investment business is, who is operating it, and other relevant information in order to ensure that you are working with a reputable and well-known investing platform. The absence of information is a major warning sign since it prevents you from knowing who will be handling YOUR MONEY. Because of this, interacting with them may be fraught with peril.

Is Daxson Investment Management Can Be Trusted?

No, Daxson Investment Management cannot be trusted. They are unlicensed and no unlicensed company should not be trusted.

Warnings From Financial Regulators

This broker is already red-flagged by FCA and CONSOB. Both of the financial regulators confirm that this platform is not authorized in their country to operate the business and they will provide any support if the platform does any kind of scam.

What Do Traders Think Of Daxson Investment Management?

Before choosing any kind of investment opportunity, always check their customer reviews after their regulations. When an organization is not regulated and also their customer is not happy too, then you should keep away from that company. This happens with Daxson Investment Management too.

Their previous customers provided negative feedback all over the internet and they complained about most of their withdrawal issues, rude behavior, and their account freezing issue.

Platform Offered by Daxson Investment Management

They say that they utilize Metatrader4, but we don’t have the opportunity to check into it. Because there is no choice for a demo account, and because there is none, we are unable to get an accurate representation of what their platform looks like. If they are using MT4, there is a possibility that their trading platform is not branded in any way under their own name.

Country Serving by Daxson Investment Management

Currently, they are operating in the UK, USA, and Italy. Also, we had complaints from Newzealand and Australia too.

Daxson Investment Management Range of Trading Markets

Daxson Investment Management is currently offering 1:1000 leverage which is quite high and unreal. They guaranteed that you can profit from their trade 100%. This is not actually possible for any broker to assure the profit. Only scammers can provide these kinds of guarantees.

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Terms of Daxson Investment Management

The minimum deposit amount is $500 which is quite high rather to the other legitimate broker account. There is no withdrawal fee mentioned on their website, but when you will try to withdraw, you can’t.

Ways to Make a Deposit

They offer card payment, bitcoin, wire transfer, and another payment method. But only paying through crypto is available which is quite normal. As this type of transaction is non-traceable, scammers usually use this method.

Victim of Daxson Investment Management Scam? Report Your Story To Us.

These evaluations are written with the intention of educating customers about possible unscrupulous brokers and scams. Close any accounts you may have had with Daxson Investment Management and submit a withdrawal request if you do. In the event that your funds are not returned to you, you should immediately get in touch with Report Scammed Bitcoin. We will provide you with consultation services, try to locate your missing monies and compile investigation reports, and support you with any attempts to retrieve your lost money.

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