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This is a story I’m not proud of, but one that I feel compelled to share. I became a victim of Cryptocurrency Scams by a company called, a supposed crypto coin mining platform that promised its users incredible returns. At the time, I was eager to try my hand at cryptocurrency investing and trading, but I didn’t have the knowledge or the resources to do it on my own. I thought this company was the answer to my problems.

That was the main pitfall for me and for most of the novice traders. They think this is an easy job. Remember, the crypto realm is always been critical and complex. You need to have extensive knowledge, patience, and intelligence to gain money in this arena. It is not enough to have a professional-looking website and some gorgeous wording to be a legitimate trader.

The site was sleek and professional, and it gave off an air of legitimacy. There were account managers available to answer questions and guide me through the process. They told me that I could earn shares of my investments in the mining pool and that it was the best way to make money from cryptocurrency without building a mining farm.

They warned me to make deposits only to the company’s bitcoin address, not to any account manager’s wallet. It seemed like a reasonable warning, and it made me trust them even more. But it was all a part of their plan to deceive me.

Scammers know what are the marking points to get the trust of their prey. And I fell for them. I thought they will not risk my money by taking to their personal wallet. So, I started working with them.

I started with a small investment of $2000, and soon enough, my account dashboard showed that my earnings were growing. It was exciting to see the numbers go up, and I was eager to withdraw my earnings. But that’s when the account manager told me that I needed to make another deposit to be able to withdraw my earnings. They said it was part of the process to keep the mining pool running smoothly.

I was hesitant, but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to earn even more money. Like the pig butchering scam approach, the account manager kept pushing me. So, I made another deposit of $2000. And then another one. And another one. Four deposits in total, with a total amount of $7000: $2000, $2000, $2000, and $1000. Every time I made a deposit, my account dashboard showed that my earnings were growing, but every time I tried to withdraw my earnings, I was told I needed to make another deposit.

I came to know this term from a blog by Report Scammed Bitcoin. I noticed the similarity of their process with this scam. The bell rang then in my head. I kept doing my research on that and found my company name on their list of scammers. So, I decided to end the game.

It wasn’t until I refused to make any more deposits that the account managers stopped responding to my messages. When I tried to log in to my account, I was met with an error message. The website was gone, and so was my money. 

I felt a range of emotions – anger, disappointment, shame. I couldn’t believe that I had fallen for crypto scams that I should have avoided. I had been so excited about the prospect of earning money that I didn’t stop to think about the warning signs. I had trusted the account managers, and I had paid the price.

Looking back on it now, I can see that I was naive and foolish. But at the time, I was just desperate to make some money. I had heard stories of people getting rich from cryptocurrency, and I wanted to be one of them. Instead, I got scammed. I can’t believe I was so naive to trust these people. They took advantage of my lack of knowledge and used it against me.

I contacted RSB and explained my case. They helped me with a free consultation and some good recovery service recommendations to get back my money. I really recovered my lost fund by taking the service from them.

It’s been a tough lesson to learn, but I’ve come to accept that there are no shortcuts when it comes to investing. Now, I learn How to recover stolen cryptocurrency online but it wouldn’t be easy. To anyone who is considering investing in crypto, please be careful. Don’t trust anyone who promises you easy money. Do your research and don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. I learned this lesson the hard way, but I hope my experience can help others avoid the same mistake.


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