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How to Trade Cryptocurrency? A Beginner’s Guide in for 2022

Due to its high volatility, Bitcoin is a popular trading option for investors. Trading cryptocurrencies can provide you far larger returns than conventional investments if you’re capable of timing the market correctly. Cryptocurrency traders frequently aim to either amass Bitcoin or generate profits in USD. Throughout a bullish trend for cryptocurrencies, increasing the USD worth […]

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Forex vs Crypto: Similarities And Differences

The decade-old cryptocurrency business is still comparatively young in comparison to established trading marketplaces such as the Foreign Exchange System, commonly called as “forex,” even if cryptocurrency exchange and transactions have been around the loop one or two times. Forex and cryptocurrencies may seem like apples and peaches to novice investors who are unfamiliar with […]

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How to Trade Crypto Using BTC Dominance

How to Trade Crypto Using BTC Dominance? BTC dominance can directly impact altcoins by presenting the market’s trading volume in BTC against altcoins. According to market valuation and trading volume, Bitcoin (BTC) is the first and most important cryptocurrency globally, ranking first and second. Given that all cryptocurrencies are traded against Bitcoin and that Bitcoin’s dominance might serve […]

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How to Report Crypto Scams In 2022

Crypto scams remain the top threat to investors by far. In 2019, over $4.2 billion worth of crypto was stolen from investors, users, and exchanges, according to the report made by CipherTrace. Even in 2021, cryptocurrency made a lot of remarkable breakthroughs by reaching its all-time high of $65k. But let’s not forget that over $14 […]

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