Forex Scammer List

Trading foreign currency is one of the lawful methods to make some additional cash and has the potential to become a job for many people. The daily expansion of the market that is now worth $6.6 trillion is accompanied by an increase in the number of instances of forex scams and forex fraud. Because of this, it is essential to get as much information as possible on the cons associated with forex trading.

Most essential, you need to be aware of the red flags that indicate a broker could be a fraud. Our highly trained staff has discovered a list of fake forex brokers, all of which need to be avoided by you. Examine our rundown of common forex scams to protect yourself.

While you are doing research for the forex scammer list, you should also look into finding the finest forex broker for trading in a secure environment. However, if you are able to identify the many types of fraudulent brokers, locating reputable brokers should not be difficult. As a result, we will discuss all there is to know about con artists as well as the red flags to watch out for in order to avoid being taken advantage of.

Types Of Forex Scams

Forex scams come in various forms, targeting traders in the foreign exchange market. These fraudulent activities include Ponzi schemes, signal seller scams, and fake brokerages. 

  1. Ponzi schemes, for instance, promise incredible returns but sustain themselves by using new investors’ funds to pay earlier participants. Unfortunately, these schemes inevitably collapse, resulting in significant financial losses.
  2. Signal sellers, on the other hand, offer trading signals or strategies for a fee, claiming to provide profitable insights. Regrettably, many of these signals prove unreliable or downright fraudulent, leading to financial losses for traders.
  3. Fake brokerages often masquerade as legitimate forex firms, with professional-looking websites and enticing marketing materials. Traders deposit funds with them, only to find their money disappearing when it’s time to withdraw profits.
  4. Additionally, there are phishing scams, where fraudsters employ deceptive emails or websites to trick individuals into divulging sensitive personal and financial information. Unregulated brokers are another risk, operating without proper oversight and being susceptible to fraudulent activities.

To protect yourself from forex scams, conduct thorough research before investing. Verify a broker’s regulatory status, read reviews, and be cautious of overly enticing promises or high-pressure sales tactics. Check this forex scammer list can also help identify potential risks naturally. Staying informed and vigilant is paramount in avoiding falling victim to these fraudulent schemes.

How To Choose The Best Forex Trading Broker?

Choosing the best forex trading broker is a critical decision for any trader. To make an informed choice, consider several key factors. First and foremost, ensure the broker is regulated by a reputable financial authority. Regulation provides a safety net for your investments and guarantees fair trading practices.

Next, evaluate the trading platform. It should be user-friendly, stable, and equipped with the necessary tools for your trading style. MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) are popular choices. Compare spreads and fees; lower spreads and reasonable commissions can significantly impact your profitability.

Check the range of currency pairs offered, ensuring they include those you intend to trade. Leverage options should align with your risk tolerance and strategy. Reliable customer support is essential, as you may need assistance along the way.

Account types should suit your initial capital and goals, and convenient deposit/withdrawal options are a must. Educational resources can be invaluable, especially for beginners. Security measures, such as two-factor authentication and encryption, safeguard your data.

Consider the broker’s reputation, read reviews, and explore any additional trading instruments they offer. Execution speed matters, particularly for day traders. Lastly, examine the broker’s track record and history in the industry. Remember, the “best” broker varies based on individual needs, so thorough research is key before committing your funds.

Scam Trading Platform

Every time fraudsters are uncovered, they create new methods to steal money. As a result, it is a process that never ends. On the other hand, the fundamental sorts of cons have not changed. Knowing the fundamental kinds would thus be excellent. Hence, you may preserve your investment. In the ‘Blog‘ part of our website, you will discover some helpful materials.

As new forex scammers emerge, we add them to this page. As a result, you may check out any new brokers here on our Forex Scammer List. Additionally, if you are aware of any forex trading scams that are not featured here, please tell us the relevant details so we may add them to the list.

If you would like to report abuse by any of the forex scammers, please click on the name of the broker in the table and you will be directed to their complaint page. There, you can fill out the form and one of our representatives will get back to you.

Forex Brokers to Avoid List 2023 (Updated)

1000 Extra100XFX10Brokers10Markets
365 FX365-FX365BinaryOption365Markets
365Trading4xbrands 4xFX
AAAFxAAFX TradingAccentForexAce Forex
ACFXAdmiral-Markets.comADN MarketsAduno Capital
Affliated Trade GroupAFX Markets OnlineAG CapitalsAG Markets
AitsFXAitsFXAl TradeAleforex
AMP TradingAristrexAroTradeAshford Investments
Asic TraderAVA InvestmentsAxe InvestAxiory
AyrexAZ TradesBaihua GlobalBanc De Monarch
BeAlgoBECFDBex OptionsBforex
BFP MarketsBigOptionBinary UnoBinarymate
BitalongBitex360Blue BrokerBlue Trading
BlueBitBancBlueMax CapitalBoom XchangeBormancorp
BRFX TradeBrighterTradeBristol Consulting FXBritonprice
Broker XPBroker YardBrokerOfficialBrokerz
Brokerz UnionBulls Capital MarketsCac400Caesar Trade
Capital BanksCapital Currency TradeCapital HallCapital Markets Banc CMB
Capital Swiss FXCapital TradeFXCapital Traders 
CarterFSCashflow ProCaxton GlobalCCM Clearing
Centro BancCentroBancCF GroupCF Merchants
CFD CorporateCFD RoyalCFD TrendCFDPremium
CFXPointChrono FMCIBfxCircle Markets
CitifxmarketsCity Global TradingCK MarketsCloseOption
CM TradingCMS TraderCoinBrokerzCoinbull
CoinPurityCointeck CoperstoneCriptoRobot
Crown FinanceCrypto Options TraderCryptoAllDayCryptoEU
CryptoEXPCryptonashCryptoNettoCryptonix Team
CryptoTagCT-TradeCyber FXDaiju Commodity Markets
Dax-300DracoFXDubai FXMEasy FX Trade
Easy Line ProEasyTradeECN CapitalEfexa1000
EFXGlobaleMarketsTradeEmpire OptionEmporio Trading
Escuela TradesEu CapitalEuroPrimeEuropefx
Everest International Group LtdEvolution BrokersExpert OptionExtick
FernFGS MarketsFin-Tech PrimeFinancika
FinPro TradingFM-FXForex GrandForex Optimum
ForexGrandForexMartFort Financial ServicesFortFX
FreshForexFSMSmartFTO CapitalFX Group
FXC MarketsFxcentralFXChoiceFxFWay
FXG InvestFXG TradeFXGiantsFXGIM
FxGloryFXIG TradesFXLeaderFXLinked
Gallant FinanceGCC InvestingGCG AsiaGCI Financial
GDM FXGet FinancialGetco ProGFBroker
GFCInvestmentGlobal Clearing GroupGlobalFXMGlobalix
GMFX24 Go Capital FXGolden FinancialGolden FX
Golden Key ProGolden MarketsGoldFxTradingGoldmanCFD
GoTechFxGrand CapitalGreenfields CapitalGSFX
GSI MarketsGTinvestorsGulf FXGxFX
HBC BrokerHispaMarketsHiWayFXHQBroker
HugosWayHybridReserveIC FinanceIdeal Global Trading
iMarketsLiveIndex OptionInmarket FXInstaFX24
Invest TraderInvest TraderInvestCityInvestex
InvestingPROInvestMibInvestTeckIQ Option
JAFXJones MutualJust BrokerK2 Wall Street
KapitalfxKapitalSwissKayaFXKB Capitals
Kingston TradingkontofxLibra MarketsLiteFinTech
LiteForexLittinvestLMFXLockwood Investments
LottMarketLQDFXLVMexchangeMagnum Options
ManagedForexHubMarket InvestmentMarketGBPMarkets Broker
Markets CubeMarkets TradingMarkets XchangeMarketsplus
MegaTradeFXMeta InvestingMGM MarketsMib700
MidasGlobeMillennium FXMonfexMPlus Social
MT4InvestMyFintecNagaharu GlobalNetotrade
NewSolidNoble Capital HouseNordFXNovatrades
ObsbitOctaFXOlsson CapitalOlympTrade
OlympusMarketsOMC Markets OndaMarketsOneTradex
OnlyTradesOPCompanyOpportunity TradeOption500
Option888Option94OptionStars GlobalOptionStarsGlobal
Oracle-FXOriginalCryptoOstrich CapitalOTCapital
Pari Fx TradePaxForexPBN CapitalPBN Invest
PBN TradePearson InvestmentsPhy Capital Investments LimitedPinprotrade
Platinums TradePlusOptionPocket OptionPoint Investment Group
Point Investment GroupPoloInvestPrestige FMPrimeCFDs
PrimeCryptoPrimeFXPRIMEXQPrimus Trades
Pro X FinanceProfiforexProfit TradeProFxPremium
RBinaryRC Global FinancialRCProRichmond Investing
RichmondFGRocket Consultant GroupRoiteksRoyal Capital Pro
RoyalCFDsRoyalCriptoS&P BrokerS2Trade
S2TradeSafe MarketsSeRex InvestmentsSGT Markets
Shtern GroupSigmaCFDSimpleFXSmartoptionfx
SoarFXSolidary Markets FXSolidCFDSolidCFD
St Clair Capital GroupStarfishFXStarling CapitalStern Markets
Stern OptionsStoxMarketSuperForexSure Forex Trade
Swift Bit OptionsSwiftCFDSwiftOptionBitSwiss Assets FX
Swiss Capital InvestSwiss Investment FxSwiss MarketsSwissCCI
Swissinv24Tait Investment GroupTallinexTDMarkets
TeamFXTegasFXTempler FXTemplerFX
TeraMusuTGC FXThe55thFxTheCryptoLimited
TorrentFXTouchTradesTrade-24Trade Capital
Trade FintechTrade Global MarketTrade WFXTrade111
Tradepro CapitalsTrader OnlineTrader VCTradersway
TradeToroTradeu2TradeView ForexTradeX1
Trading EpicTrading Floor FXTradovestTrue4X
TurboForexTurnkey ForexTX MarketsUB4Trade
UltrontradefxUmarketsUMOFXUnited FCG
UniTraderUniverse Markets FXUp4xUproFx
UtradeuTraderVFX CapitalVIP Brokers
Vix500VNC BrokersVolumeFXVTGFX
WandaFxWelkronWigmarketsWise Banc
WorldFXMWorldwide CapitalFXWT CapitalXEcrypto Bank
XeroMarketsXForexXiaohangjia BrokersXLR Trade
YesTradingYFX CapitalYour Trade ChoiceZeegosFX
Zend TradeZonggangCaifuZuercher CapitalZuluTrade
Zurich PrimeUmo Finance