How A Trading Scam Took All My Savings

Last year was the lowest point of my life. Of course, the pandemic wasn’t even the case, even though I knew that the world was already in sorrow, but for me, it’s a more wholesome tragedy.

I was desperate because I could no longer roll over my debt and keep taking new ones while consistently cutting relationships with my friends and colleagues for the money I borrowed but never returned.

I cannot face the absurd reality. I took booze as my best pal and became an alcoholic. My wife left me and filed a divorce since I could no longer provide for my family and became so temperamental and uncontrollable. I was conscious for barely one hour a day.

Even the idea of “getting back on my feet” sounded like a fantasy at that time. So I took the emergency funds and spent half of it on gambling as I thought it was a shortcut to solve all my problems. Of course, I lost all of the money, but there was still the idea of an instant solution. That’s where someone told me about the crypto Investment idea.

I was in therapy class when I met this guy, James. We’re both curious and excited about cryptocurrency, a digital currency that we barely know how it works. We talked about this company, HanSilo, as we did our “research” on social media.

With referrals from online friends, we signed up for an account on HanSilo, which was supposed to be a crypto exchange and investment platform. I was interested because they offered consistent profits for using their services, and I can expect high margins from their trading platform. It sounds like Cryptocurrency scam schemes, right? FYI,  I was entirely new to the crypto market, so I learned that there are no such predicted and consistent profits from crypto trading.

Another influential factor is that the Registered broker scam provided monthly returns, and I was able to withdraw my profits for the first two months. At that point, I thought I had found the solution to my problems, but the worst thing was about to come. I couldn’t withdraw my money, except I made a $2500 deposit. Instead of recovering and paying my debt, I spent the last money in my bank account to make the required deposit.

Yup, it was a scam. The money was gone, and I could no longer access my account after the last deposit. Later, I realized that I had signed up for a Ponzi scheme under the flag of cryptocurrencies. I wouldn’t say I like MLM, but I never thought I would be an actual victim of the scheme. The Crypto Ponzi platform capitalized the deposits and referrals to operate; they’re not even in the crypto business. Their trading platform is fake so are their charts, wallet, graphs, etc. Within two months, I lost everything.

Fortunately, the therapy did the job well, and I gained consciousness, slow but sure. I knew that it was time to make it right. I got new projects that could pay for my debt and slowly gain control over my own life again. Even though everything got better, I just wanted to know how to get a scammer in trouble, and I felt I had to do something.

I’ve done my research and ended up with two possible scenarios. First, I hired a fund recovery service to proceed with chargeback and refund. Second, I just let the money go, but I have to report crypto scams. The first scenario has quickly become not an option because I’d still need to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for recovery services which I didn’t have at that time. Besides, the online world is full of fund recovery scams. So, in the end, I had to face the reality that I couldn’t get back my money.  

Even though I was devastated, desperate, and tried stupid things, I was so skeptical about fund recovery that I didn’t know how to report crypto scams. Unfortunately, many people hired these services to become victims of scams again. Also, I heard that some practices involve using the darknet or dark web. Don’t get me wrong, there are some legit fund recovery services, but I didn’t know.

Remember my therapy friend, James? Unfortunately, they also scammed him. The funny, ironic thing is that the same James told me about reportscammedbitcoin. It’s a site where we can report pig-butchering crypto scam and check the background of sites related to business, trading, or investments to see whether or not they’re legit. It’s not a fund recovery site; it’s something else with a noble reason behind the operation.

Their value clicked with my whole idea: to stop HanSilo scamming other people. As we’ve reported our case, reportscammedbitcoin rolled out an investigation. Within a short time, they exposed Hansilo and marked it as a Ponzi scheme scam while also listing the red flags. I knew this information was accessible to users who visited their site. This way, other people would quickly learn that HanSilo is a scam.

I also knew that I was a victim of a pig butchering scam since even though they use Ponzi schemes, the scammers use social media to scam their victims. Reportscammedbitcoin allows you to recover scammed bitcoin by reporting pig butchering scam. I was familiar with this kind of scam shown by how they handled my report against HanSilo.

But what happened next is more shocking. Not only did reportscammedbitcoin conduct a quick investigation, but they also followed up on their finding with the authorities in my country. These authorities target cybercriminals behind the forex company giveaway scam and like these scammers. They acted quickly and successfully froze the available funds and assets in HanSilo’s accounts. In addition, the authorities tracked down the administrators and affiliates, then captured them and seized all evidence.

Yep, I didn’t expect that Report Scammed Bitcoin is more than just where to report crypto scams as I could get my money back. I’ve researched fund recovery, including the cost and odds. After investigating my case, I got refunded 75%  of my scammed funds within one week, which changed everything. I never thought reportscammedbitcoin could follow up my report on HanSilo this further.

I can’t thank Report scammed bitcoin more for what I’ve experienced. Again, getting my money back was beyond my expectation, but it happened for real. For me, it’s like getting another second chance. Reportscammedbitcoin also educates me about safe investment and business online. Even though they have “bitcoin” in their name, this scam-reporting site allows you to Report bad business or non-crypto frauds.

Now, I have better knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Whenever I get new references about trading platforms or exchanges, I go to Reportscammedbitcoin to check their legitimacy, as they know how to effectively identify a scammer. Even if I still need to confirm, let’s say the platform doesn’t appear in the search result, I can request an investigation. I’ve grown my portfolio slowly these past several months and always embrace safe investment practices. Today, I can capitalize on the growth and use the profits to solve my financial problems.

My redemption story isn’t the only one. Many victims and users are saved from online scammers and fraudsters by sites like Reportscammedbitcoin. Check businesses, companies, or sites before purchasing anything from them. Let’s play safe and good luck, everyone!

If you have lost money to companies like BBINExchange, Joywealth, or FXLiveCapital, please report it today by bellow form.

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