How To Earn Cryptocurrency Without Investment

There are several methods to make money with bitcoin online at any time of day or night, without monetary or financial commitment. Many individuals continue to earn bitcoins without investing their own money into the cryptocurrency.

If you’re one of the cryptocurrency newcomers who isn’t familiar with Bitcoin, it might not be easy to figure out all legitimate methods to make money with Bitcoin online. This article will guide you to the legitimate steps to earn Bitcoin.

But one important thing to note is that there is no such thing as getting free BTC online. To get Bitcoin, you have to put your efforts one way or another.

This article is for those who are willing to work hard and earn Bitcoin over time. So let us look into it-

Micro Earnings

This is probably the quickest method to make bitcoin online, but it takes time. This specialty may never pay off, no matter how much effort you put into it. The money you can make from this source is indifferent to the time invested.

PTC sites, Bitcoin faucets, and online micro jobs are examples of items that belong to this category.

1. Writing About Bitcoins And Its Investments

Writing about bitcoin investing takes time and expertise. You may make a lot of bitcoin online by writing for bitcoin, but it depends on where you write.

Writers may earn free bitcoin by participating in BitcoinTalk Signature Campaigns, blogs, and news websites.

2. Services Related to Supply Bitcoin

There are many ways to earn bitcoin quickly online in this area. This covers several services necessary for digital currency enthusiasts.

The services offered vary from Blockchain creation to bitcoin website administration, graphic and comic design, mining advice, marketing, and providing online assistance, among other things.

Join bitcoin communities like Coinality and BitcoinTalk to acquire ideas for services you can provide.

3. Being Agent of Bitcoin Escrow

This is another opportunity to make money online by being compensated for arbitrating any bitcoin transaction, which can be found here.

This implies that before you can start earning bitcoin, you will need to establish a reputation in the community as a trustworthy individual.

4. Lending Bitcoin 

As a bitcoin investor, you may have acquired bitcoins in other methods and sought to multiply them. So, here’s another (untrusted) method to make money online.

The concept is simple: you lend bitcoins to borrowers for their cryptocurrency trading ventures on sites like BitBond, BitJam, and Loanbase, and you receive your money back plus interest.

5. Bitcoin Mining

Let me be clear about this method of getting Bitcoin – it is not a lucrative method of earning Bitcoin.

If you’re new to bitcoin, don’t even consider this route since it requires a lot of study and work.

Without a doubt, you can mine bitcoin, but you’ll only make 0.00000968BTC every day (i.e., $0.0043) and spend 100x that on energy bills or cooling your computer (hoping it doesn’t get fried).

6. Using Bitcoin for Gambling 

This one is self-explanatory since numerous online gambling sites offer you the opportunity to win a pot.

The positive is that you can earn more Bitcoins, but the drawback is that it’s all about prediction, and you may lose it all.

7. Trading Bitcoin 

Buying and selling Bitcoin for profit is all it is. I advise you to do your homework and comprehend the market before making any big Bitcoin investing decisions.

There are various sorts of bitcoin trading, including Day Trading, Swing Trading, CFDs, and Binary Options. Let us look through them-

  • Day trading: Day trading involves buying an altcoin with bitcoin and selling it at a higher price the same day to benefit from short-term price swings.
  • Swing trading involves purchasing assets (cryptocurrencies) for long-term holding (HODLing) to profit. This may result in a significant return on your bitcoin investment.
  • CFD trading: It’s more like day trading, except instead of buying the real commodity (bitcoin), you purchase CFDs (contracts) from a broker like PrimeXBT and sell them later when the price drops to profit.
  • Binary option: This one is winning or losing. It’s like gambling, except you’re predicting the market’s pricing or a token’s price at a given moment. If you’re right, you’ll be paid; if you’re wrong, you’ll lose your bitcoin investment

8. Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

If you are acquainted with affiliate marketing, then this is not necessary to explain. To start, affiliate marketing is a scheme where you promote other people’s items to make money online.

The main difference is that you market items for firms that pay in bitcoins.

9. Bitcoin Faucet/Rotator

A bitcoin rotator site enables you to swiftly switch between multiple faucets without having to open a new tab or site. The rotator’s owner makes a commission on each faucet you visit using the rotator’s links.

However, as Bitcoin faucets come and go rapidly, you’ll need to change your rotator appropriately. A decent bitcoin rotator with plenty of traffic will likely create a big profit.


This means that you must research different methods of earning bitcoin online. However, the methods that have been given above are legitimate ways to earn bitcoin online quickly and easily without the need for any investment or prior understanding of bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Before you start your journey to earn Bitcoin, you have to be aware that putting your bitcoin assets on an exchange is hazardous, as you might lose all of your coins instantly if your account is hacked or if someone discovers your login information. It is recommended that you get a hardware wallet device that will allow you to securely and safely store your bitcoins when in offline mode.

The usage of hardware wallets to store cryptocurrency is always safe since they are cold storage wallets, which means they are always secure. No internet connection is required to keep your cash secure with these devices.

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