In-depth Analysis of Intelligence Prime Capital Scam 2024

With Intelligence Prime Capital, your odds of winning on trades are quite high. The IPC trading bot could be just what you need right now if you’ve been trading unsuccessfully.

The majority of traders have a poor winning percentage, and this is not a myth. Most people who trade forex lose money. Because of this, intelligence prime capital offers you a bot that will handle your trade.

But the real question is: Should you trust IPC (intelligence prime capital) with your money? Should you have faith in the winning bot? These issues have been adequately covered in this article.

Let’s get right to it now.

Is Intelligence Prime Capital a Licensed Broker?

A brand of Intelligence Prime Capital Ltd, a Canadian company, is IPCapital broker. The business also states that it holds a US Digital Asset Regulatory License – MSB and a Canadian FINTRAC license.

In reality, the company lacks the necessary authorization to offer financial services in the US, Canada, or any other nation. It turns out that no Tier 1 authority in Europe, Australia, Asia, or anywhere else has registered the broker Intelligence Prime Capital.

Additionally, the company said that it was a member of the HLK Group, an ASIC-regulated corporation, however, this statement was taken down from IPrimeCapital’s page when the HLK Group published an official notification on its website. Now that you are aware of the type of shady trading scam you are working with.

Beware of InstaForex scam with offshore entities. Furthermore, you should beware of Antrush and FxSway scams.

Can Intelligence Prime Capital Be Trusted?

Iprime capital investors have nice things to say about the platform. After all, the platform is now paying.

Why, therefore, would you question the platform?

Investors in iprime capital, in my opinion, run a significant chance of losing their money.

They promise you a return on investment of more than 40%, which is unattainable with any legitimate investment.

Making more than 40% ROI per month is not achievable. Such assertions cannot even be made by experienced traders.

Warnings From Financial Regulators Of sure, many were aware of IPCapital’s trading fraud. The FMA of New Zealand, two Canadian authorities, and Intelligence Prime Capital have all received formal warnings that they are nothing more than bogus investment companies.

What Do Traders Think Of Intelligence Prime Capital?

This company is not keen on permitting withdrawals, as was already noted. Numerous problems are being faced by customers. There are several delays in the trading account, the workers of the broker are inventing justifications for not allowing you to withdraw the money, and there are no Terms and Conditions that would explicitly state when and how withdrawals may be made.

Platform Offered by Intelligence Prime Capital

Despite using intelligence prime capital mt4, Intelligence Crime Capital is not necessarily a trustworthy broker.

There are questions regarding how intelligence prime capital, which uses MT4, might be a Ponzi investment. Some folks can’t help but think of the possibility of fraud involving an MT4 broker.

You should be aware that just because intelligence premier capital uses MT4 doesn’t mean they are 100 percent trustworthy.

Country Serving by Intelligence Prime Capital

IP capital broker is operating in these countries: the US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Singapore.

Intelligence Prime Capital Range of Trading Markets

The following markets are available for trading with IPrimeCapital broker:

      • Commodities.

      • Indices.

      • Cryptocurrencies (Cryptos) (Cryptos).

      • Exchange rates (Forex).

    Unknown trading parameters include spread and leverage.

    Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Terms of Intelligence Prime Capital

    Unfortunately, neither deposits nor withdrawals are addressed by Intelligence Prime Capital. We may presume that the company will accept cryptocurrency deposits and will permit withdrawals in the same manner because it is offering to stake and requires you to use a wallet. if they allow you to withdraw anything at all.

    As far as we can tell, this company will use past closed transactions on the mobile MT4 to convince you that they can achieve huge figures before taking your money and disappearing without a trace.

    Ways to Make a Deposit

    No information on the deposit method.

    Victim of Intelligence Prime Capital Scam? Report Your Story To Us.

    You shouldn’t use intelligence prime capital as a reliable source for transparent trade. Investors will be informed of the danger via trustworthy trading.

    However, IPCapital made a set monthly ROI promise of 45%, which is not feasible in FX trading. At the very least, one cannot routinely make such gains in the currency market. Contact with Report Scammed Bitcoin to get your fund back.

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