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Investment Scams: My Personal Experience and Helpful Tips

During the lunch break several days ago, I had this little discussion with my pal at the office about how we, as working-class people, can make safe investments online. After losing my coins to rug pull scams several weeks earlier, I became skeptical and saw in his stories. My pal’s name is Johnny, and this is our first time talking about investment.

My skepticism was, “there are tons of investment products and sites online, but we don’t have a clue which one is the best or at least the one that doesn’t scam us .” Johnny was about telling me his experience of almost being a victim of bitcoin giveaway scams discord online. I only had my beverage and didn’t touch my lunch as I listened to his eye-opening story.

He told me about how a scam-reporting website called reportscammedbitcoin holds an international scammer list and allows him to avoid a very convincing Bitcoin scam called BitcoinPro. He first got the offerings from email and then visited their website, which appeared legit. However, before he made any deposit, he navigated to reportscammedbitcoin to check the credibility of BitcoinPro. They showed Johnny a list of red flags that stopped him from making any deposit within seconds.

In short, the reportscammedbitcoin site and its article on the top 10 scams of 2021 have saved him from being scammed. FYI, he was about to invest $2000 in that BitcoinPro, which, believe it or not, is the same amount of money that I lost to a hacker several weeks ago. It’s a bittersweet experience to listen to Johnny’s story and to elaborate on it with mine, but Johnny ends his story with advice that makes the whole experience sweeter. I just wished to know it earlier.

My story started on October 2nd, 2022, when I tried swapping my Bitcoin with some coins like Cardano, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin. I set the transactions that should execute automatically. Typically, I would finish such transactions within minutes or hours, depending on the market. Several hours later, I got this “successful trading execution notification,” but strangely, I couldn’t find those coins in my hot wallet.

I was using a hot wallet since I still saw a cold-storage wallet as a pricey, not-worthy investment at that time. My heart started pounding at this point, and I got a headache. I tried to calm myself and contacted the customer support of my wallet, the trading platform itself. Unfortunately, before the CS could answer my inquiry, I had another nightmare: all the stored corresponding coins went missing.

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It’s like someone has taken over my wallet and transferred the coins elsewhere. So I contacted wallet support again, and they quickly responded to my complaint by securing the remaining funds. They’re practically suspending my account temporarily, which I understand. But I was scared that if someone could access my wallet once, they’d do it again if they had the opportunity. At this point, I have lost $2000 worth of cryptocurrencies.

As you might have known, the chargeback process in crypto transactions due to many complaints from cases like bitcoin giveaway scams on Instagram is somehow tricky. As expected, the wallet support couldn’t give me any solution to bring back my stolen money. So I just kept following up with my complaint and ended with four different numbers of tickets that refers to the number of inquiries I’ve filed.

Each time I got a new ticket, they’d serve me with a new representative who was under a time constraint to follow up on my case. At this point, I realized that someone had hacked into my wallet, and that’s it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t proceed with this fact because I never provided my passwords to anyone, not even my wife. My passwords were super complex combinations, and there had been no problems until then.

The PhebeWallet support became slower and slower every time I followed up with my cases. Finally, someone advised me to open a new wallet in PhebeWallet and move my remaining balance from the suspended/old wallet. The worst thing is that none of these representatives of PhebeWallet can explain why someone can access my wallet. They can’t assure that the new wallet/account won’t get susceptible to such attacks. I was officially hacked and robbed with no remorse from the wallet provider.

I used the wallet for two years, paid all required fees, and followed all security measures but lost coins without any solution. Not only did the PhebeWallet not compensate my losses, but they’re also unable to guarantee security in the future. Furthermore, they refused to take any responsibility for my case and started ignoring my further inquiries over time. This violation is outrageous, considering how I trusted them with my assets but then handing off as They let someone steal my coins!

Some of you might ask, “why don’t you file a complaint about scammed bitcoin to the authority?” and the answer is: No, I won’t. It’s because PhebeWallet is neither regulated nor licensed in my country. Even though crypto trading is legal, the regulation requires citizens to buy or sell coins in regulated exchange platforms. Consequently, reporting my stolen coins to the authority would result in nothing, and I might end up with money-laundry accusations. That part was my mistake for not using a regulated platform.

When I saw no apparent solutions from customer support about the stolen coins and the future of my then-current wallet, I started researching alternative solutions. I ended with a new idea called “fund recovery” services; a bunch of them are on Google Search. So, I ended up with a wallet recovery site that offered such crypto recovery services, and I was about to contact them when I listened to Johnny’s story.

If I hadn’t bought Johnny’s story and headed to the reportscammedbitcoin website, I would have lost more money to pay those fund recovery scammers. Why? Here we go. Johnny showed me reportscammed bitcoin site on his tablet. He asked me to file a report about PhebeWallet and explain my case chronologically. I understood that this site allows victims to report scammed cryptocurrencyand fraudulent sites that become references to other users, so they don’t fall into the same scams or frauds. After filing a report, I told Johnny about the wallet recovery, and he asked me to check the site on reportscammedbitcoin. There, I found that the fund recovery site hit significant red flags, and many users have reported losing hundreds to thousands of dollars to this scammer. Well, that was mind-blowing because I wouldn’t expect a good-looking company is an actual scammer.

Now, I’m glad to report my case to reportscammedbitcoin. Even though I couldn’t get my money back but it’s super relieving to know that my report can help prevent other users from becoming the next victims. Several days later, I checked the wallet I reported on the site, which already showed red flags, including bad security and poor support.

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    In response to my report, the support staff also recommend me a legit, secure wallet to use in the future. Finally, a solution that I need. They’re accommodating and informative. Now, I’ve opened the new recommended wallet and transferred my funds to it. I can activate 2FA to secure my account, and the platform has been regulated in my country so I can keep peace of mind now.

    That’s my story. I hope this helps. I urge you to check any investment site or platform in reportscammedbitcoin before paying anything. Don’t let scammers steal your hard-earned money. If you’re a victim, report your case, so no more people fall into cash app giveaway scamsor other schemes.

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