Is a cosmic Legit or a Scam?

Cosmic Coin is a scam broker. This platform promises high returns on investment but all is fake. there is no protection of funds to the investors. Several reasons for bad and low rating reviews are found in this company domain. Financial authorities do not regulate the Company of cryptocurrency brokers, this is the main red flag that suggests it is a scam website.Cosmic coin scam broker has a low trust score, because the website has been nearly 6 months old, so it has been risky and looks suspicious to work in the domain, these websites are less trustworthy—finally, several complaints about customs’ bad response and from people who have lost their money.

What is a cosmic

Cosmic coin .top is a cryptocurrency platform. The broker has been operating since 6 months ago, with domains located in France, Paris, and Europe. Cosmiccoin review shows that this cryptocurrency platform is considered untracked because of insufficient and inactivity data on this company domain.


Website URL cosmic
Country Domain located France, Paris, Europe/Paris, OVH ISP
Domain creation 09/15/2023 (Less than 6 months)
Domain expiration date09/15/2024 (Less than 1 year left)
Company review 0.0 out of 5
Owner identification Hidden in the WHOIS data
Trust score 58.9/100 not so bad 
SSL certificate Valid 
SSL type Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)
Regulated by Unregulated by financial authority 
Cosmiccoin. top LTD Not regulated 
If you have lost money to companies like Crypto-creditor or Bitvavothe, please report it to us on our Report a Scam form.

Deposits and Withdrawals: 

There have been some complaints about the cosmic coin scam broker withdrawal process. Overall, the broker of the cosmic coin is not a legitimate forex and binary options broker. Your request may take about three weeks to become effective. And it is too late to deposit and withdraw money.

Account Types:

Different accounts work on this company domain, personal, business through visa and debit card.

Red Flags and Warning Signs:

  • Very few visitors visit this website broker domain, so it is less known 
  • The trust score is not much.
  • The owner of the domain identity is hidden according to WHOIS  data.
  • Short lifetime expectancy. That is why I am not trustworthy.
  • The website is poorly designed and bad reviews and ratings make it less trustworthy. This is often a sign the website is not legitimate.
  • The website promises unrealistic plans and returns on investment.
  • Any financial authority does not regulate this company broker. That means no funds protection or investors.
  • Reviews and ratings are very low 
  • It has been verified that the broker has no valid regulation. So beware of the risk. The company domain is risky and newly generated, 

Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews: 

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What makes a company safe for trading?

Regulation by any financial authorities, which website was newly created 6 months ago, and when no activities and insufficient data are found made safe or unsafe. 

Is a cosmic coin. top down?

When we last checked on December 05, 2023, cosmic was unreachable. Recently, we have not accessed the site does not mean that the site is closed. Please check.

Why consider cosmic coin a scam?

Because it is unreliable,  we cannot say it is legitimate because of its low ranking and reviews. It claims unrealistic promises and fund plans, which makes website scams.

How Can “Report Scammed Bitcoin” Help You If You Get Scammed?

If you have fallen victim to that Cryptocurrency domain like a cosmic coin. Top, no more need to worry. to report the scam and get your funds back

Our team will always be here to help you. We have partnered with trusted asset recovery firms to evaluate your situation and help victims. You are not alone in the battle against fraud. You can trust us to help you recover what is rightfully yours.

We are dedicated to empowering individuals who have fallen victim to scams, providing support in regaining financial control and reassurance that you are not alone in the battle against fraud. You Can report to us today by the below form. 

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