Is Legit or a Scam Broker? presents itself as a cryptocurrency trading platform, but there are concerns about its transparency and legitimacy. Scam advisor gives it a low trust score, indicating potential risks. The use of free contact e-mail addresses is a red flag. The website owner has hidden their identity on WHOIS using a paid service. is a recently registered website, which could be suspicious. Hosting data-sensitive services on a shared server impacts security. The website is from a high-risk country and offers cryptocurrency services, which adds to the risk. User reviews of them are mostly negative, raising suspicions. Considering these factors, it is recommended to explore other platforms that are more trustworthy and transparent.

What is illustrates itself as a reputable cryptocurrency trading platform. However, this website lacks reliability and may mislead users into purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies or investing in their wallets. The website’s low Tranco rate indicates that there is a dwindling number of people who visit this website, which is a red flag. The registrar associated with the site is used by spammers and scammers. 

The SSL certificate is valid, but other indicators raise concerns. The technical contact e-mail addresses are free, which is again a big reason for their scam. While the website’s trust score is low it is essential to approach this site with caution. Remember to exercise due diligence and consider alternative platforms with better reputations When dealing with financial matters online, Stay safe! Details

Regulated by:

 Not regulated by any recognized authority.

Is This Company Safe?

 No, this company is not safe

Known Websites:

Have Warnings from:


 WHOIS Registration date:


 WHOIS last update date:


 WHOIS renewal date:


Domain age:

1 year from now

Trading Assets:

 Forex, Indices, Shares, Futures, Crypto, Metals, Energies

Free Demo Account:

 Not offered

How to  Withdraw from This Company?

 Payouts do not happen contact our legal service for help

Deposits and withdrawals

Unfortunately, does not provide specific details about deposit methods, fees, or going-around times. Customers of this site may meet difficulties or delays during withdrawals which show them scams.

Account types

Specific account types are not shown by There are no options available to users for various account features. To make well-informed decisions, it is crucial to know the diverse types of accounts available.

Red flags and warning

Lack of regulation and compliance: operates without adhering to industry regulations, putting users at risk.

Swindle alerts: Scamadviser has issued alerts regarding ‘s fraudulent practices. Unregulated platforms like them often partake in questionable practices, risking closure due to legal issues or financial instability.

False claims: makes unrealistic promises through its website. This site dishonestly guarantees automated interests. However, it is one of the deceives.

Negative reviews: Numerous negative reviews exist warning others about potential frauds. Users are recommended to approach it with caution.

Customer complaints and negative reviews

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Is a legitimate investment platform?

No, is not a legitimate investment platform. It has been flagged as a scam broker.

How can I retrieve my funds?

If you encounter withdrawal issues, consider contacting law enforcement and seeking professional advice.

Who is the owner of

Unfortunately, the owner of the domain name associated with is hidden in the WHOIS database.

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