Is Legit or a Scam? is off the reliable platform’s list; we advise investing only if your credibility is lost. If you plan to trade within Yes,, you are botching up your hard-earned treasure. While there is no apparent proof that Cobeim is genuine, it can’t be trusted. 

As per the trust score, Cobeim has average performance conduction but has all-round suspicious errors unpredictably. Nevertheless, the Cobeim scam doesn’t give real terms for guaranteed profits and accounts for potential dangers. It’s thumbs down for this site; it’s an absolute SCAM.

What is is a crypto-currency selling and buying stage that permits individuals to buy cash online by trading crypto rapports of money. The site permits clients to secure their depositing assets and gives higher profit returns. 

But you can’t believe words only in the volatile and unpredictable crypto trading market. The same goes for Cobiem, the site uses fabricated and fake words to attract traders and engage in suspicious ploys. We mention again that you need to stay alert from their pathetic traps! 


Social profile

No social profile


This website is not visited by many users

Domain age

It was created less than one year ago. Its domain age is 8 months.

Trust score

It has a very low trust score which is 1 out of 100

WHOIS data

WHOIS data is hidden

Organization IIc


Redacted from privacy


1928 E. Highland Ave. Ste F104 PMB# 225 85106 Phoenix AZ





Crypto creditor

SSL Type

Low Domain Validated Certificate

SSL issuer

Google trust services

WHOIS registration date


WHOIS’s last update date


WHOIS renew date



Language- English


The website has a low rank

If you have lost money to companies like Premier Yield or Swift Cryptotrade, please report it to us on our Report a Scam form.

Red Flags and Warning Signs:

As the Yes. Cobeim review revealed it is a bundle of potential tricks; some inherent reasons we deliberated the site’s red-flagged icon are self-evident. Despite the logic of its well-polished words, our in-depth analysis showed the proximity to harmful scams; here’s why

  • Owner Gen: If the site is legitimate, it doesn’t hide the owner’s gen.
  • HTML code tracking: the HTML parameter is a considerable warning insight; users get suspicious calls, threat messages, and unwelcome emails urging them to trade
  • Copyright content: the site publishes copyright content; that means the site is not genuinely operated by authority
  • Spam score: high spam score

Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews: 

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Is a real or fake Company?

Cobeim is a good website when you consider trust ratings, but it is scamming if you look at regulations and licenses. Yup, this site has no legitimate scenarios for trading and, therefore, is fake

How do you check if a website is legitimate?

Here’s everything you need to analyze to check whether the website is legit. Right after you open a website, see the URL or bar code. If the website URL starts with a secured HTTP code (https://), it’s legit. Attest if the website is free of grammar errors. Check the contact info and verified email. 

Why I should consider Yes. safe?

Not at all; is not safe and untrustable because the site gives a threshold of crypto without any reputed authorities. On top of that, it is famous for being a spam-infested platform. 

How Can “Report Scammed Bitcoin” Help You If You Get Scammed?

If you lose your money by, who will be held responsible first since there are no accountable authorities? So don’t get stressed; you can regain money by consulting professionals like my team. 

My team is working to assist millions of victim traders in getting their money back. Feel free to share your case with my team and get your cashback via sources. You Can report to us today by the below form. 

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