Is Legit or A Scam Broker?

CoinUpItSite is a scam broker. Here’s why you should stay far away:

  • Unrealistic Profits: This poker likely promises high returns with little risk. This is a classic sign of a scam. Legitimate brokers won’t guarantee profits in the volatile cryptocurrency market.
  • Hidden Fees: Watch out for hidden fees that could eat into your profits. Scam brokers often bury these fees in the fine print.
  • No Contact Information: Does this broker have a real address and phone number? If not, it’s a red flag. Legitimate brokers are transparent about their contact information.
  • Pressure to Invest: Scam brokers often pressure you to invest quickly, before you have a chance to do your research. Don’t be pressured – take your time and choose a reputable broker.

If you’ve been scammed by CoinUpItSite or another broker, don’t despair. Report Scammed Bitcoin offers free consultation and can recommend recovery services. However, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back. It’s always best to avoid scams in the first place.

Overview of

CoinUpItSite offers various account types, but be cautious – these accounts likely have hidden fees and restrictions.

  • Basic Account: This account might have limited trading options and high spreads.
  • Standard Account: This account might offer more features but could come with higher minimum deposits.
  • Premium Account: This account might promise the most features, but the cost could be exorbitant.

Remember, the account type doesn’t matter if the broker is a scam.

Details about CoinUpItSite




Not regulated by any reputable financial authority (major red flag)

Minimum Deposit

Unknown (scammers often lure you in with low minimum deposits)

Trading Platform

Unknown (legitimate brokers use established and secure trading platforms)

Customer Support

Likely unresponsive or unhelpful

This table further highlights the lack of transparency surrounding CoinUpItSite.

Problems With Withdraw and Deposit With CoinUpItSite

  • Difficulties Withdrawing Funds: You might find it nearly impossible to withdraw your funds from CoinUpItSite. Scam brokers often make it difficult or impossible to get your money back.
  • Hidden Deposit Fees: There could be hidden fees associated with depositing funds, further reducing your potential profits.

Read our 100 top-regulated broker’s Reviews to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

Problems With License, Registration, and Warning from Financial Regulators

  • Not Licensed: CoinUpItSite is likely not licensed by any reputable financial regulator. This means there’s no oversight of their activities, and they can operate with impunity.
  • No Registration: CoinUpItSite might not be registered with any financial authorities. This is another red flag.
  • Potential Warnings: Financial regulators might have issued warnings about CoinUpItSite. Be sure to check with your local financial authority before investing with any broker.

Negative Customer Review Of

Here’s an example of what you might find in a negative customer review of CoinUpItSite:

“I deposited money with CoinUpItSite, but when I tried to withdraw it, they kept making excuses. Now I can’t reach them at all. I’ve lost all my money.”

This is a common story with scam brokers. Don’t let it happen to you!

How Does Reportscammedbitcoin Can Help You?

Reportscammedbitcoin offers a free consultation service if you’ve been scammed by a broker. They can also recommend recovery services, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back.

The best course of action is to avoid scam brokers altogether. Do your research before investing with any broker, and only choose one that is licensed and regulated by a reputable financial authority.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from CoinUpItSite and other scam brokers.

If you have lost money to companies like or; please report it today using the form below.

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