Is Scam Or A Legit Broker? appears to be a website that may not be trustworthy. It has a low trust score and some indicators of being a scam. Also, It is essential to conduct further research and verify the website’s legitimacy before engaging with it, as potential risks may be involved. 

Crypto-itm should always be cautious when dealing with websites with a low trust score or questionable reputation.

What Is is an unregulated platform that is not recommended for investment. Its methods are unreliable, and the website has a low trust score. Based on reviews and phishing reports, it may be a scam. 

Also, It Is Essential to Conduct your own research before considering any investments with crypto-itm, as our automatic analysis may only sometimes be accurate.

Details About

Regulated by:

 Not regulated by any recognized authority.

Is This Company Safe?

 No, this company is not safe

Known Websites:

Have Warnings from:


 WHOIS Registration date:


 WHOIS last update date:


WHOIS renewal date:


Domain age:

 1 year from now

Trading Assets:

Forex, Indices, Shares, Futures, Crypto, Metals, Energies

Free Demo Account:

Not offered

How to  Withdraw from This Company?

Payouts do not happen contact our legal service for help

Deposit And Withdrawal


Some users are having trouble depositing funds into their accounts. Their deposits seem to vanish, causing frustration and anxiety. This can be particularly stressful when trying to invest or make transactions with money.


There is an issue with withdrawals on the platform. The platform entices investors with unrealistic plans and fake returns. Investors can only withdraw their money after making profits. Scammers continuously ask for more money without allowing investors to withdraw their funds.

Red flags and warning

The website owner uses a privacy service to hide their identity on WHOIS. Tranco indicates that this site has a low rank. The website is hosted in a high-risk location and may offer high-risk cryptocurrency services. Negative reviews have been received for this website, which is also very young.

Read our 100 top-regulated broker’s Reviews to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

Customer complaints and negative reviews

Crypto-itm reviews are mostly negative, indicating a poor reputation. The website needs a higher visitor rate, suggesting a better user experience. Customers complain about the site’s lack of social network links, which is a red flag for scams. Additionally, customers need help withdrawing funds.

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Why is Scam?

Based on the information provided, is likely a scam website because the owner is hiding their identity, the website has a low rank, is hosted in a high-risk location, may offer high-risk cryptocurrency services, has received negative reviews, and is relatively new. It is essential to exercise caution when dealing with websites that exhibit these characteristics.

How can you check whether a company is legitimate or a scam?

Check the company URL first, followed by its domain age, reviews, and ratings. A platform lacking a license may be considered unsafe.

Got Scammed by We Help Victims!

If you have fallen victim to a Crypto-itm scam broker house, Don’t worry will report the scam and get your funds back. Contact us for a prompt resolution and receive a complimentary consultation and recommendations on recovering your funds

If you have been defrauded by companies such as or, we encourage you to report it immediately using the form below.

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