Is Legit or A Scam Broker? is a scam website. Its trust index could be better. Its trust score is 1%, which indicates that it is a fraudulent website. Ctyptotopools domain name is very recent. This website is young, so the number of visitors is very low.

It is one of the fraudulent cryptocurrency platforms. Crytotopools review shows that it needs a higher ranking. A popular website should always have a high ranking.

What is is not a legitimate website. Its domain creation date is less than one year ago. The owner of the domain name is identified completely. Don’t be fooled by Ctyptotopools. This website looks legit because it increases funds, but it is not a legitimate website. It is unable to get money back when it is invested.

 Ctyptotopools Details:

Domain creation date


Domain expiration date



WHOIS has been identified

HTTPS connection

A valid HTTPS connection has been found


United States



cryptocurrency trading platform


Trust Score

Low trust score

 Account Types:

There are no known account types since the website has been taken down.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

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There have been issues with deposits and withdrawals reported by customers. These problems must be addressed.

Red Flags and Warning Signals:

This is an over-the-counter fraudulent cryptocurrency trading platform. It is a Decentralized App, Web3, but it does not provide any terms and conditions. According to the analysis, Ctyptotopools scam has no way to contact customer service. 

This website has a low trust score. The domain has a short life span. The ranking of this website is low. The number of visitors to this website is extremely low.

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How to know if a website is legit?

To determine the legitimacy of a website, there are several steps you can take. First, examine the address bar and URL. Next, investigate the SSL certificate. Also, be sure to check for any poor grammar or spelling on the website. 

Verify the domain to ensure it matches the company’s information. Take a look at the contact page for any relevant information. Also, research and review the company’s social media presence. Finally, check for the website’s privacy policy.

Why Ctyptotopools is a Scam?

Avoid trading with Ctyptotopools due to their negative reputation. If you’ve encountered any of these issues on, you may have been scammed. It has a very low trust score and a fake promise.

Based on Ctyptotopools scam broker has several issues, including refusal to process withdrawal requests, high spreads, and fees for certain trades, account closures without refunds, inadequate customer service, verified negative user reviews, unexpected website shutdowns, and inconsistent offerings.

Is Ctyptotopools good for beginners?

It is not good for beginners.

How to check if the company is safe to trade?

Check the company domain age, if it’s quite young then risk alerts.

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