Is Legit or A Scam?

When booking a travel hotel, tour package, or holiday vacation spot, you won’t be fooled by Edreamsodigeo-travel. To cut a long story short, it is legit; eDreams is a genuine business and approved travel overhaul working under ODIEGO, one of Europe’s biggest web-based travel companies. 

The detector according to edreamsodigeo-travel is highly safe execution for travel set-ups. Many users voted that this is the best website ever made in history, as an all-in-one solution made with travel leisureliness in mind.

What is

According to the eDreamsodigeo-travel reviews, it grants countless exceptional offers, including low-priced flights, last-minute travel choices, end-of-week getaways, and special deals across various travel classes. 

They have extended their admins to incorporate comprehensive bundles, joining flights and inns, and vehicle rental travel goods. EDreams provides:

  • Flight alerts.

  • A check-in and boarding pass maker.

  • An app with exclusive deals and discount codes.

  • A hand luggage scanner.

  • A flight tracker in addition to the website.

  Details about

Regulated by:

Unknown but legit broker

Is This Company Safe?

Safe to use

Known Websites:

Domain age:

10 years

WHOIS registration date:


Operating since:


SSL certificate:




Email ID: Reviews about Deposit and Withdrawal

When depositing money for your booking, you’ll be taken to a security transaction pop-up to certify your transaction. This includes depositing the payment via your bank application, entering a cipher sent to your email or mobile phone, or replying to a top-secret query.

Deposit fees can be withdrawn, but terms will only be qualified for a discount if the carrier you booked has a free wiping-out strategy (most minimal-expense aircraft don’t offer discounts to drop a ticket).

Account Types

According the Edreamsodigo review, We searched deeply but needed to find something about account types.

Red Flags and Warning Signs about

You might feel the site gives pretty decent and well-established interference of being a legitimate company, but you’ll be surprised to consider its lean of red flags. Here’s why we don’t recommend you to book from this site;

  • Double payment detection from credit cards
  • Don’t comply with local laws
  • Mediocre range malicious happenings occurred
  • The site has both negative and positive reviews

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Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews 

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Is this an company?

eDreams is a grant for the eDreams ODIGEO Gathering, one of the world’s biggest web-based travel officialdoms that universally serves more than 20 million clients in 44 nations.

Does use AI?

To support its customers and distribution strategies, eDreams ODIGEO has incorporated AI into other aspects of its operations, such as the virtual interlining route discovery and the enhancement of performance, such as fraud prevention.

Is a good investment?

It’s a pretty good era to interact with this company, whether you are a travel agent or travel agency; I don’t have a bad word for how it can defraud you in investment.

Got scammed by We Help Victims!

If you lost your money before going on vacation, like booking by Edreamsodigeo-travel scam broker house, what to do next is contact my money recovery team. As my team does, you might need help finding something great, like money recovery help. Contact for help in reporting the scam and recovering your funds

Our team is committed to helping you through the process of seeking justice and potentially getting your money back. Yes, my team is an expert in refunding your lost money. So, could you take my word and not waste more time?

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