Is Legit or a Scam?

After looking at the site, we’ve found that needs to disclose information about its regulations and license. That’s a huge red flag; the newly launched broker only falls under a reputed agency’s collaboration. 

This is enough for you to avoid investing in this scam broker. Another swindling sign is that they urge traders to operate in Automated Trading Software, which doubts SCAM. This Exorays scam broker has an unregulated, unsafe, and fraudulent broker all set to get away from your trading assets and investments. Stay out of it!

What is is another shady scamming broker, trapping millions of dollars from target traders. The broker doesn’t possess regulations or authorization for trading. Moreover, it lies for high profits and sparks investors into their evil and two-faced tricks. 

We request you don’t trust a single word of them because the scammers are smarter in tricking victims for their cheap tricks. The trading deals sound too good to be accurate but unmasked; their scams shock you! It’s better to avoid. 

Deposits and Withdrawals:

The whole platform needs to be more clear about the conditions for Exoray’s withdrawal. The Terms and Conditions only make one brief, offhand mention of withdrawal as if it were of no consequence.

Knowing how these rascals work, obviously, they never expected to deliver a solitary penny back to the financial backers.

Account Types:

The site offers the following account types:

  •   Standard: $5,000
  •   Advanced: $25,000
  •   Pro: $50,000
  •   Premium: $100,000
  •   VIP: Only with special approval

The more expensive Exorays account types are said to have multiple trading welfare accounts that validate their higher profits.

Red Flags and Warning Signs:

This Exorays review is down and is not our suggestion because traders aren’t protected as well as their belongings. If you still ponder why it can’t be trusted, here’s everything why:

  • The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity on WHOIS
  • Unregulated and unlicensed Exorays.
  • According to Trust-sites, the ranking is pathetic
  • The high number of suspicious websites on this server
  • This website is very young and has a suspiciously high number of reviews
  • This website has both positive as well as negative reviews
  • This website is (very) undeveloped
  • Uncalled-for urging to invest

Read our carefully selected list of 100 top-regulated brokers to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews:


How is considered a scam?

If you plan to invest in an Exorays scam broker you must do better. is a scamming broker letting users revel in trading, but the unmasked truth is it’s not legit. Yes, there are no regulations and legitimacy unveiled by exorays. 

Is suitable for beginners?

Not. You can’t believe at any cost. 

Is a trusted site for investors?

The hidden owners are rascals and money criminals; the site can’t be trusted. is not safe to use; the site contributes warning alerts about threats, risks, cheats, and fraud tricks. 

Got Scammed by We Help Victims!

If you invested in Exorays SCAM and are not seeing promised returns, don’t give up. Take action to recover your lost funds by filing a chargeback with our legal team at If you have lost money to companies like Cxipro or Edelman, please report it to us on our Report a Scam formYou Can report to us today by the below form. 

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