Is premier-yield.Is online Legitimate or a Scam?

Search for Premier Yield. Is online legit or a scam? I don’t have good news. Investors need to beware before considering premier-yield online because it is an unregulated offshore platform giving an opening gateway to risks regarding fraudulent and manipulated money loss from clients. 

Calling premier-yield scam broker a massive SCAM is 100% correct, by the fact it’s operating as an unregulated broker, but un-regulation can’t be regarded as suspicious terms. There are multiple ups and downs for which the site is flagged as suspicious and dangerously risky. Stay Alert!

What is

The is a financial company operating internationally claiming offers for passive income by investment and trading market back-ups. But the reality is, inside the company, everything is fake, untrustworthy, and fabricated arguments. 

Most obviously, the site allows crypto trading and doesn’t share any information regarding terms and conditions. Plus, Premier Yield Review, uses free stock data to pretend to be authorized; we highly suggest you avoid this platform if you want to keep your investments.


Regulated by:


Is This Company Safe?

Not safe

Known Websites:

Have Warnings from:


Registered in:


Operating since:


Minimum Deposit:


Deposit Bonus:

Not available

Trading Assets:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, bitcoin cash

Free Demo Account:

Not available

How to  Withdraw from This Company?

Not mentioned

If you have lost money to companies like or, please report it to us on our Report a Scam form.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

Based on the premieryield review, We’ve found that this site is welcoming deposits up to $100, yet there needs to be more information about payment methods. Several reviews claimed that the site first asks for extra money to withdraw the profit and then automatically blocks access to accounts.

Account Types:

Regarding account types, we have yet to find any facts or figures.

Red Flags and Warning Signs:

The premieryield review narrated above justified it as a fake site; for your consideration, here are the possible reasons why we are saying the site red-flagged and down the lean:

  • False statements and trading claims
  • Traders get unlimited and unsolicited warning calls urging them to invest dollars on dollars
  • The rules and regulations are not legitimate
  • The broker is unregulated and operates on smaller islands where regulations are a bit easy
  • Ultimately, requesting withdrawal will proceed to bank errors
  • The official site often blocks a user’s access

Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews: 

As we had told you, the site is fraudulent and offers high-potential scams. See the customer complaint.


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Why is Premier Yield considered to be a scam among Users?

As Users review, no legal resources function with premier-yield, and neither is regulated, the site is seen as a Scam. We don’t suggest engaging in trade or investment with this broker because everything is suspicious, from its offers to promises, 

How do you check if a website is legitimate?

To find out if the website is legit, the speedy checking you can do is study the bar URL and consider if it is authenticated (HTTP secure). Next, you can investigate the legitimacy of its SSL certificate and domain errors. If malfunction happens right after opening a site, it’s scamming. 

Is premier-yield. Is online trade free or safe?

The premieryield. Online is not safe for trading, even for browsing; mark my words, this site is feeding out your hard-earned money. 

Got scammed by We Help Victims!

If you have been scammed by premier-yield.Online, know that you are not alone. Don’t panic. is here to help you retrieve your funds. Contact my team right away for assistance in recovering your funds. You Can report to us today by the below form. 


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