Is Legit or A Scam Broker?

The company has low traffic but looks safe and legit. According to algorithms, very few indicators have found it is a scam. has a high trust score, and users found it safe. 

Indicators show mixed reviews of Medium to low-rank risks involved in this company. If a domain name is too young, we may need more details to judge it. There were a few potential indicators associated with the Retik scam.

The older the domain, the higher the chances of a trust rate. This company has an old domain, 11 years old, so the chances of a scam are very low. It has a valid SSL certificate, showing the user’s account and funds information are secure.

The user has to assess the available information and determine whether they are comfortable using the company.

What is is an online platform offering comprehensive reviews and information about various companies, and this company has been operating for 11 years; the Domain was registered on February 12, 2012. Its server was located in San Francisco, the United States of America.

Retik Reviews show that it is an online platform that allows its users to share their experiences and interests in various developments; users can stay updated and informed about emerging trends.  

The scam has an interesting feature that allows users to take advantage of blogs, forums, and social networking tools. Overall, it aims to create goals for the community and facilitates meaningful connections among users.


Website URL:

Is This company safe?

The absence of licenses makes any site unsafe

Owner Country:


Have Warnings from:


Registered in:

San Francisco, United States of America.

Operating since:

12, February 2012.

Trust score

High trust score

Minimum Deposit:


SSL certificate

Valid and provides a secure connection

SSL Type

Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

Domain age 

11Years from now

Deposits and Withdrawals

It accepts cryptocurrencies in your online business and also allows expanding payment options for customers.

Account Types

Debit cards, smart crypto payment gateways, AL-powered Peer to Peer, Multi-chain Non-custodial highly secured defi wallets, aiming to redefine global transactions is all About the Retik scam broke house.

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Red Flags and Warning Signs

The company Retik has very few unique visitors, and very few people visit the company, which shows that its social media links are very few, due to this red sign, the company has also a low ranking among its users. and blocks important web crawlers and bots.

However, many negative reviews can pose security risks for users. The Retik reviews notably give warning signs that the company has low traffic, even not exist. The identity of the website is hidden according to WHOIS data. For the specialized website, this concerns the risk and red flags same as told from our Retik review.


Who is the owner of

According to the analysis research, we have found that the site seems pretty legit but that’s weird it hides information regarding the owner.

Is the Retik Platform popular among its users?

Although, the company domain is very much popular among all regular traders.

When started?

Retik domain name was registered on February 12, 2012.

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We are committed to supporting individuals who have fallen victim to fraud, empowering them to regain financial control, and reminding them that they are not alone in their battle against deception. 

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