Is Legit or A Scam Broker? Scam website. It has a low trust score, which is 25 out of 100. It is not a user-friendly website. Few people visit this website, indicating that it is not popular. The website was created recently; hence, keep precautions from this website.

According to Tranco, Sdxoe needs a higher ranking. The website is very young, which shows that it could be more trustworthy. This website has a lot of negative reviews.

What is is a fraudulent website. The website was registered recently, so it needs to be more trustworthy. Its WHOIS data is hidden. It needs better safety measures, which indicates that this is not a legitimate website.

This is not a popular website, Sdxoe reviews cleared valid SSL certification and gave us connection security. Scam certificates are SSL certificates, so there is no guarantee that this is a reliable website. Any security engine does not block it. The back guarantee is not 100% secure.

Details of

Domain age

2 months from now

WHOIS data





Website speed


SSL certification


SSL Type

Low domain validated certificate

SSL issuer

Lets Encrypt

WHOIS registration date


WHOIS last update date


WHOIS renew date



Registration Possible, payment method- reliable


Low ranking



Trust score

Low trust score


Not user-friendly

 Account Types

The account type for a company website can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the company; the same regarding the Sdxoe scam

Deposits and Withdrawals

The site _ Sdxoe reviews looks to support payment methods that offer ‘’money back guarantee’’ such as Master card,  Alipay, and Visa. But there is no guarantee that it is 100% safe.

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Red Flags and Warning Signals

The website needs links to social networks, which raises concerns about its interaction. It has a low Tranco rank, indicating low traffic. The Sdxoe server hosting the site also has other poorly reviewed websites. Negative reviews have been found for the Sdxoe website. Despite being new, it has garnered a significant number of reviews. Overall, this site is relatively young in terms of age.


When was sdxoe registered?

The fake site; was registered by WHOIS on 2023-11-18.

Is considered a good investment platform?

It is not a good investment.

What are payment methods at

Payment methods are truly reliable at sdxoe; likewise Master card, Visa, and Alipay. 

How do you check if a website is legit?

To check if a website is legitimate, there are several steps you can take:

  1. Examine the address bar and URL to ensure they are accurate and match the website you intended to visit.
  2. Investigate the SSL certificate to ensure it is valid and provides secure encryption.
  3. Check for any poor grammar or spelling errors on the website, as this can be a red flag for an illegitimate site. Verify the website’s domain to ensure it aligns with the company or organization it claims to represent. Look at the contact page to see if they provide credible and reliable contact information.
  4. Search for and review the company’s social media presence to gauge its legitimacy.
  5. Check for the website’s privacy policy, as a legitimate site will have one to protect your personal information.

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