Is Legit or A Scam Broker? is a scam website. It is not a regulated broker licensed to provide financial services to any country. Unlicensed brokers are not trustworthy because government bodies need to regulate them. Your money can disappear at any time by these brokers.

It is better to stay away from Simpletradecryptos scam. They call clients and force them to make a deposit. They are good at making promises. Simplettradecryptos scam broker returns your investment to get you to make a deposit. Could you not trust anything they say? They are all liars. After taking money, they disappear without a trace.

What is

 is a fraudulent broker based on several negative reviews. Its undisclosed headquarters works without regulatory oversight. The Alberta Securities Commission has blacklisted it.

It is better to avoid this unregulated platform because of a lack of regulated approval. Opting for proper regulatory compliance is necessary to protect against scams and fraudulent activities associated with Simpletradecryptos. The lack of transparency can serve as a red flag.

 Simpletradecryptos Details:

Domain name

Domain age

6 months, 20 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes, 45 seconds

Date Registered

July 5, 2023

Website Name

Website Availability


Location Of Headquarters


Ownership Information

Regulatory Status

Not regulated

Blacklisted Status

Blacklisted By Alberta Securities Commission


No regulatory license


Lack of transparency


Not available in all countries


User-friendly platform


KYC is needed for fiat transactions.

Trading Options

Lack of advanced trading options

Account Types:

Simpletradecryptos has different account types with different features and benefits such as Basic, Standard, and Pro accounts.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

It is difficult to withdraw money once you deposit money with Simple Trade Cryptos. If you deposited with a visa or Mastercard there is still hope. Visa or Mastercard allows within 540 days of a deposit to people who have been the victims of investment fraud. If you have made a bank transfer there is no possibility of returning money.

Red Flags and Warning Signals:

The website lacks regulatory status and licensing. The Alberta Securities Commission has blocked it. It also lacks advanced trading options and transparency. The website is only available in some countries. 

The owner’s identity is hidden on WHOIS. The Tranco rank for the website is low, indicating low traffic. 

The server hosts several other low-reviewed websites. The registrar of the website is commonly associated with scammers. The website offers high-risk financial services or content. Negative reviews have been found for the website. The website is relatively young. Trend Micro does not trust this website.

Read our 100 top-regulated broker’s Reviews to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

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Why is Simpletradecryptos a scam?

The website Simpletradecryptos is considered a scam due to numerous negative reviews. The owner’s identity is hidden on WHOIS. The website has a low Tranco rank, indicating it doesn’t receive much traffic. 

The server hosts other low-reviewed websites. The registrar is known for catering to scammers. Content related to high-risk financial services is present. The site has received negative feedback. It is also a young website and not trusted by Trend Micro.

How do you check if a website is legitimate?

Based on Simpletradecrytos reviews, By verifying its domain, we can check if the website is legitimate.

Does Simpletradecryptos hold safety measures? is not a safety measure, Users have not found any.

How to check the safety measures of the company?

You can check this by regulation authorities and have licenses.

Got scammed by We help victims!

If Simpletradecryptos Scam Broker has scammed you, Don’t worry is here to help you recover your funds. Our team is dedicated to assisting victims of scams and providing scam prevention and customer protection. 

Whether you have lost money to Simpletradecryptos or other fraudulent companies like Atlantiscommodities or Pc.coincap; we encourage you to report it through the form below

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