Is Legit or A Scam Broker?

A research analysis revealed that was an offshore trading scam broker. It is a scam broker company. Users are advised not to invest in it, as there are many risks of scams. It is an unregulated offshore broker type, which is a red flag. Avoid investing in this company. 

An unregulated offshore broker like Sollari Scam is a red flag sign. The customer service experience with this company could be better. 

The site provides information on investment scams such as forex, binary, and crypto. It is not registered, regulated, or licensed; it has also been declared unauthorized to provide services in the UK.

What is

As per Sollari’s review, its domain was registered in 2022, which indicates that the broker is only a couple of months old. provides the registration address in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. As this country’s monetary authority warned us many times, they do not issue licenses for Forex brokers.

According to a new directive from March 2023, all companies must prove their regulatory status before setting up headquarters. It is a reasonably young domain. This company has no supervisory authority to monitor foreign investment and forex trading company regulations. Details


Registered since:

2022, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Operating status:

Active Forex offshore broker

Is the company safe?

Absences of a license make the company Unsfae. Offshore unregulated are never safe places for your money. 

Trading assets

Forex trading, Bitcoin, Crypto trading

Warning from:


Minimum Deposit


Maximum leverages:


SSL type 


Reviews and ratings

Bad reviews, Average is 70

Trading platform


How to withdraw from this company?

Not any reliable platform holds this company, help legal customer support.

Free demo Account;


Deposits and Withdrawals 

The minimum deposit is $ 5,000, which needs to be lowered. Risk management is appropriately handled. It does not mention commissions for processing withdrawals either. This company has refused to refund users’ money; traders found Sollari. They are irresponsible with their deposits and unsupportive of customers. Your original deposit is not refunded. 

Account Types 

Investors must work with brokers with licenses from regulatory bodies such as the FCA, ASIC, FMA, etc. Many prerequisites cover authorized brokers, Numerous requirements apply to licensed brokers, and many use fraud prevention measures procedures. The company does not refund their money.

Your money is unsafe with an unregulated broker, so if you have already invested with Sollari Scam, you must immediately request a withdrawal. Debit/credit cards, Wire transfers, and Bitcoin are the most commonly used account types.

Read our 100 top-regulated broker’s Reviews to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

Red Flags and Warning Signs

  • It has very few low ratings and reviews; it has no social media presence, making it untrustworthy.
  • If you are worried about the Sollari scam, then this company has several risky and warning indications, such as customer complaints that the broker is not returning their calls and does not support customer service.
  • The company does not offer returns on its investment because CFD trading is hazardous and has a low earning potential.
  • Young domains like this site do not have any positive experience and worth, which shows that the user’s investment is safe, so this risk is high as per Sollari reviews
  • Unregulated offshore brokers, user money is not safe at all.
  • The website’s Valid SSL Certificates need to be included.
  • The broker steals money from people and conducts illegal activities.
  • The company has poor trading conditions.

Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews 

Our team has researched deep on Sollari reviews and found that the company has very few reviews and most of them are negative.

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Where was registered?

The website was registered in Grenadines and Siant Vincent. 

Does have any warnings?

Yup, this website does not have any permit or license for trading milieu; the monetary authority has warned tons of times to cease trading. 

Who is the owner of

Legally, it is registered in an offshore area. Its management company is Donecs LLC.

Got Scammed by We Help Victims!

If you have been scammed by a Sollari scam broker house, you are not alone. is here to assist you in your efforts to recover your funds. We are here to help you get your money back

Our team of seasoned navigators, experts in the legal seas, can help you chart a course to reclaim your losses. We stand firmly beside victims of scams, ready to fight tooth and nail for your rightful compensation.

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