Is Legit or A Scam Broker? has an extremely poor trust score. This is a clear sign that the website can be fraudulent. We used a computer software to rate The algorithm examined the website’s source code, terms and conditions, registry, firm location, and several favorable or negative reviews as it scanned the page. 

A scam adviser generates a trust score based on all of this data. We awarded this website a very low score based on our findings. If we give a website a very low rating, we strongly advise you to confirm that the website is safe to use and not just an online hoax. Before moving forward, please read our article on how to spot a fake website.

What is is a scammer website. The company’s refusal to provide any information about the owner is the first thing you notice about it. Additionally, you can find information on the governing law, that is, their actual location very briefly and covertly. Given offshore registration, certain tendencies are already apparent. But make sure you thoroughly read this Sparklo review before drawing any conclusions. The laws of the British Virgin Islands apply to terms and conditions. We shouldn’t anticipate much from offshore registration, especially not trustworthy regulations. Details

Known Website

Is this website safe?

No, It is unsafe

Have warning form


Registered in

British Virgin Islands

Operating since


Minimum Deposit


Deposit Bonus

Not available

How to withdraw from this company?

For help contact our services.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The lack of a clear withdrawal policy from the company is another red flag. nor even the means of funding. You can therefore anticipate dealing with this organization on any issue that comes up. Don’t be duped by the fairy tales or the low cost of Sparklo coins. as you’ll ultimately pour all of your money into their pockets.

Account type

The account-type offerings are another dubious aspect. Better investment circumstances come with a larger deposit. However, there are some phony VIP services as well, such as VIP account management, early access to new releases, and exclusive access to NFTs. Anyhow, there are three choices:

  •         Silver – $10.000
  •         Gold – $35.000
  •         Platinum – $70.000

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The proprietor of the website has chosen to remain anonymous. Given that spammers utilize this information to email website owners, there may be a legitimate purpose for this. Regretfully, it also makes it challenging to identify the owner. It would be better if the website revealed his real identity.

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What is a Sparklo?

Sparklo is a British Virgin Islands-based anonymous investing company that provides presale in a proprietary coin.

Is Sparklo Legit or A Scam?

There is no evidence of Sparklo fraudulent activity. But that’s the conclusion drawn from all of their false information. To avoid misfortune, it is preferable to deal with authorized brokers.

What is the contract address for Sparklo and what chain is it on?

0x74c20fe64f7ffDA6e7c9ff82304458A2A446037B is the contract address. An ERC20 cryptocurrency called Sparklo was developed on the Ethereum network.

Where can I get tokens for Sparklo (SPRK)?

 The presale website is the only place to do it. Make an appointment for an instant consultation with our team if you encounter any problems, particularly withdrawal symptoms.

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We understand the importance of helping you regain control of your finances and will guide you through the process of reclaiming what is rightfully yours.

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