Is legit or a scam? is a scam website. The domain name of is very recent (less than 6 months ago). This website is very young. It was a red flag. Most scam websites are created and instantly used. Its domain name is associated with those countries known for their use by fraudulent websites. That’s why this website is suspicious

The Upholdx scam is hosted in a high-risk country. High-risk countries include those countries that are identified to be highly risky in terms of money laundering, corruption, and terrorist financing. According to Tranco, this Upholdx has a low ranking. The legit website always has a high ranking. Number of visitors to this website is quite low.

What is is not a legitimate website. Its domain age is 6 months from now. Its WHOIS data is protected. It is a collection of data about your domain name that third parties may have access to.  

WHOIS privacy protection is an optional purchase that provides you a legit way of hiding all your data such as name, email, and street address. upholdx has a very fast speed. It has a valid SSL certificate.


WebsiteUpholdx. site
Domain age6 months from now. The website is very young.
SSL TypeLow Domain Validated Certificate
SSL IssuerLets Encrypt
WHOIS Registration date2023-08-25
WHOIS’s  last update date2023-08-30
 renew date2024-08-25
SSL CertificateValid
WHOIS dataHidden
LocatedHigh Risked Countries
RankingThis website has low-ranked
Website SpeedFast
PopularityNot a popular website. Number of visitors to the website is very low.
Phishing or Malware softwareThe website does not contain phishing or malware software.
ContentThe content of the website is not analyzed

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Deposits And Withdrawals:

Many traders have difficulty withdrawing money from this platform.  

Account Types:

The account type for a company website can vary depending on the specific needs and goals of the company.

Red Flags and Warning Signals:

The trustworthiness of a website is determined by several factors, including its content, age, location in a high-risk country, and domain age. The credibility of a website depends on these factors, which verify the accuracy and credibility of the information. 

Upholdx review of youthfulness may raise suspicions due to its lack of a track record or established reputation. A domain age of six months may be insufficient to establish trust, as it may not have had enough time to prove its legitimacy. A low ranking typically indicates a lack of regular or well-known visitors, while a fast website speed is considered positive.

Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews:

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How to consider the a scam?

According to customer complaints and negative reviews, upholdx is a scam website.

Does the hold safety measures?

Upholdx is not safe to use. It has a low trust score and it is associated with high-risk countries.

What is a trusted score?

It is not a trustworthy website. It has a low ranking. It is a young website.

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