Is Legit or a Scam?

The platform is not considered legitimate. A customer claimed they were scammed by them. 

It is important to avoid trading with fraudulent brokers as it can lead to financial loss. This Webulltradindbot review says that it pressures users into paying extra. It has been accused of stealing their money.

What is is a crypto exchange platform where people can sell, buy, and store digital assets. This fraudulent company gives a very professional look and design to attract customers, but it’s all fake. Webulltradingbot also claims to be a secure and trusted platform that will make you rich after investing, but this is all a phony advertisement to steal money. 

Webulltradingbot reviews have a variety of financial products that also make a user think of trading with the platform. We highly recommend avoiding this trading company as it is not regulated by financial authority.


Scammers website

Regulation status

Not regulated

Origin date


Owners identity


Payment methods

Wire transfer, bank account, credit card


If you have lost money to companies like Cxipro or Edelman, please report it to us on our Report a Scam form.

Deposits and Withdrawals:

According to our research, we have found complaints about withdrawal and depositing money.

A user claims that the Webulltradingbot scam broker asked him to pay $15,000 additional charges to withdraw his money. It is something unacceptable for any user. They offer payment methods: wire transfer, bank transfer, and credit card.

Account Type:

Webulltradingbot offers two accounts, a basic and advanced level. Both require personal information like name, address, email, and contact number. Users claim difficulty logging in after depositing money, which raises a big red flag about fraud.

Red Flags and Warnings:

According to our research, we have yet to find any warming for Webulltradingbot review, but we are gathering customer complaints and will send them to the financial authority to stop this platform. However, we have listed some major red flags to consider before investing money:

  • Unregulated and no license
  • Pressurize to pay additional charges for withdrawing
  • Lacks information on the website
  • Claims to be secure

Read our carefully selected list of 100 top-regulated brokers to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

Customer Reviews and Negative Complaints:

If you plan to trade with any Wellull trading bot, the first thing to research to find legitimacy is checking the customer reviews section. This section lets you find out if anyone has been scammed. We request all the users to write an honest review if they ever get scammed to save other people from this fraud. The negative review we found regarding

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Are illegal?

Webulltradingbot scam is not a safe platform to trade with; it is illegal because no government authority regulates it or has any license to operate it. 

Does work in trading?

Webulltradingbot does not work for trading as it is a fraudulent company, and no one has ever earned a profit. It has scammed so many people by advertising fake security and benefits.

How can I trust my stocks are safe?

You can only trust a platform when it is regulated and has a safe vault to secure your money.

How to check that a company is legit?

Check the company domain age, review and ratings, regulation authority, and license to make a company legitimate.

Got Scammed by We Help Victims!

If Webulltradingbot has scammed you and you want your money back, call us immediately and tell us your problem openly. 

We have a team of professionals who will help you get your funds back and guide you through everything related to trading. We recommend not trading with platforms with many red flags and negative reviews.

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