11 Tob Scam Broker Reviews 2024

Whether you’re into forex trading or cryptocurrency investments, it’s very important to use legit platforms or brokerage companies. However, numerous unlicensed businesses pretend to offer legitimate services on the internet. People have lost money because many of these people are con artists and liars who prey on the vulnerable. There is no guarantee you can get your money back even if you’ve filed a report to the internet fraud complaint center because they are unregulated. Below is a new list of uncontrolled businesses that you should review.


BinaryOnline.com is a web-based binary options trading platform that provides trading in fiat currency pairs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. However, BinaryOnline is not a regulated broker and doesn’t have a license for its operation.

Otherwise, BinaryOnline’s website has a lot of useful information and a good design. A significant instructional section can be included as well. Each and every one of your accounts, instruments, and platform features are clearly documented.

Trading with BinaryOnline is simple because of the platform’s standardized user interface. There is also a mobile app version of the platform. Social trading features allow other users to follow and mimic the trades of successful traders.

In its infancy, BinaryOnline is basically a binary options broker with a wide range of services and a well-designed website. Because it lacks the necessary authorizations(license and regulations), our binaryonline review doesn’t recommend it. In addition, its payouts aren’t competitive enough in the industry, and its initial deposit is quite expensive. 

PIN Coin

It’s the goal of the PIN Project to create a global online platform for collaborative consumption that’s based on the blockchain, cryptocurrency, sharing economy, and topics in between. Founded on those ideas, the PIN Project aims to create an online collaborative consumption platform for the worldwide community. PIN Coin is the main manifestation of the project that gained global interest and even entered the ICO stage.  

In order to get the full benefits of the sharing economy model, users or members can participate in both collaborative investment and collaborative consumption. As an ERC-20 token, PIN is used both within the PIN digital ecosystems and globally by the PIN Foundation to perform a variety of purposes.

Despite all of the intriguing options, our pin coin review has ended with a massive $600 million exit scam on their ICO, the largest in ICO history. Great ideas, even though very attractive and prospective, aren’t always executable. In the end, some projects like this just want your money.


USI Tech or usitech-int was supposed to be a Forex broker with interesting offerings. However, whether their company or operation was never regulated or registered legally in the US or anywhere in the world.

USI Tech’s U.S. and Canadian operations were shut down in January 2018 following a halt-and-desist order issued by the Texas State Securities Board in the previous month. An internal usitech-int review discovered proof of securities fraud that made the authority issue that particular order. USI Tech was accused of failing to disclose information regarding its business operations. That’s a clear red flag of scam operations. 

Yes, you can easily find signs that USI Tech is fundamentally a Ponzi scheme, despite the fact that many customers have made money. In their explanation of how Bitcoin is obtained for consumers, USI Tech has not provided any convincing technical evidence to back up its claims.

The stated techniques of USI Tech are unlikely to generate enough cash to pay the returns even though they’ve employed both arbitrage trading and mining itself. Your payout is simply derived from the downline referrals who paid for the subscriptions. 


As a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency teaching site, Kryptogenex claims to be the best place to learn about the technology. Additionally, they provide investment alternatives via which you can entrust them with the management of your bitcoin.

With the help of this website, you may learn everything you need to know about investing in bitcoins. Everyone is becoming more and more interested in learning about Bitcoin, mining, and the blockchain as time goes on.

The company extensively markets learning tool sets for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Our kryptogenex review found that customers can purchase training on major topics for $250 from this company but that’s it,  Kryptogenex solely sells this product.

A $250 fee is required to join the company and purchase the package, followed by a $50-a-year subscription fee to preserve your status as a member. Affiliates can get paid for selling the same package to other clients and/or other affiliates, according to the company’s compensation scheme. At this point, we’ve all come to the realization that this is yet another Ponzi scheme.

Greenfields Capital

Greenfields Capital is an unregulated investment company with a low reputation online now. A $250 deposit is required to open a new account. The bare minimum is five dollars. They stopped responding to calls and withdrawal requests after people had invested with them. In other words, you’d never be able to withdraw your money whether the ones you’ve deposited or earned on the platform.

In part because of difficulties with withdrawals, the greenfields capital review has a generally bad online reputation. Because they lack a license and therefore cannot conduct business in countries legally, they’re quite lucky for escaping regulatory notice for quite a while.

This is possibly due to the fact that the company was only founded in 2017 and has no prior experience in the field. However, you now know that Greenfields Capital is viewed as a scam by most reviews. You should be very considerate if you really want to invest your money here. As for safety reasons, you can choose better options out there.


Just like other unregulated forex brokers, Maxitrade puts customers at risk of losing their hard-earned funds because there is no regulatory body to hold them accountable. Oftentimes, they’ll lure users with unreasonable offerings, like we’ll quadruple your original payment or you’ll be making one hundred bucks each day in no time.

This is a red flag of our maxitrade review because they also deal with websites that offer “Automated trading software. As you’ve realized that your money is kept by an unlicensed broker, you should request a withdrawal as soon as possible. However, this is where things become complicated.

If you request a withdrawal of your funds, regardless of whether you have made any money, they will put off the procedure for months. As you might have expected,  your money would certainly be gone forever if they postpone it for six months, and you can’t file a chargeback.

GE Capital

A subsidiary of General Electric, GE Capital is the financial arm of the company’s Boston-based electronics giant, General Electric. The company has settled their headquarters in Norwalk.GE Capital’s subsidiaries, GE Energy Financial Services and GE Capital Aviation Services specialize in financing aviation, energy, and heavy industrial equipment.

GE Capital provides finance options for aviation, energy, and industrial applications. GE Capital can also be used to buy and sell equipment. Aviation products include finance, aircraft trading, fleet expansion, and temporary capacity. GE Capital also provides financing for aviation parts if you’re simply maintaining your current fleet of planes. Energy products scope oil, gas, and renewable sources. GE Capital does offer equipment financing for large-scale industrial applications, but it’s more limited than aviation and energy.  

When it comes to financing the expansion or maintenance of their air fleets or large-scale energy production projects, GE Capital is a valuable resource for other large enterprises. However, our ge capital financial review concludes that your company is likely to be large enough for its financial products. 


SwissMain is a Forex broker using a web-based trading platform, not the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. It’s based and regulated in Vanuatu by VPSC. Since the regulation isn’t comparable to major ones, it does not guarantee the brokerage’s involvement in a compensating plan that would allow clients to recoup any losses following the fraud or bankruptcy.

Since the MetaTrader 4 trading platform is so widely used in the Forex market, our swissmain review views its absence as an easy red flag. On the other hand, what they actually do to their clients with their schemes is more notorious.  They’ll give you a bogus account and claim to be making money, but once you start making any, they’ll urge you to put more money into your account and deny you the ability to withdraw your money. The latest part is typical where you’ll lose all of your invested money.


TrioMarkets is a CySEC-regulated internet broker but it also has other licenses. Although the company’s services are safe, traders should be aware of the high costs of withdrawing money. As one of the most expensive Forex brokers, TrioMarkets charges from $24 per lot for most regular traders to $8 per lot for portfolios with a value of $50,000 and beyond. So, if you’ve ever heard they’re not regulated, it might be contextual(based on your residing region/country)

TiroMarkets is a legit yet regulated brokerage platform, there’s no doubt. However, our trio markets review also found that it’s not the most competitive broker available in the market in terms of deposit and withdrawal. Many people have complained for these very reasons and some of them fall into translating this “difficulty” to the unregulated nature of TrioMarkets, but it is regulated.  To be fair, TrioMarkets has a considerably low rating among regulated online brokers.


Zuto is a car finance company but they’re not straightforwardly a lender but a credit broker itself. It means that they charge a portion of the commission from the car financing package you take. Still, Zuto is renowned as one of the most competitive or cheapest ways to finance your car whether it’s for purchase, repair, replacements, etc.

Despite the competitive repayment rate, the quick service is also the major strength of Zuto as a financing company. The payment and collection are typically done within 24-48 hours with responsive customer service and affiliates.

Our zuto finance review found that the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) has authorized and regulated Zuto as a credit broker, not a lender. Their competitive rate is also a good sign of their professionalism, trustworthy services, and high demand so they can have a good deal with stakeholders. It’s not surprising that Zuto has a very high satisfaction rate throughout different review sites.


Since its launching in 2010, EmpireOption has been operating from Uruguay. With a processing center in the UK, the company offers trading in more than 180 different assets using the renowned trading platform, SpotOption. The SpotOption platform allows EmpireOption to provide a greater selection of assets than other binary options brokers who use proprietary platforms.

Binary options trading at EmpireOption is divided into four categories: short-term, long-term, one-touch, and pair options. EmpireOption’s iFollow social trading service is another way the company encourages social trading. Using this service, you can simply copy successful and professional traders’ winning strategies and bank more profits. 

EmpireOption has five types of trading accounts that weigh in different minimum deposits, minimum withdrawals, time of withdrawal, educational access, reports, and other perks. Our empireoption.com review concluded that the more expensive accounts give you more perks to enjoy in EmpireOption.

Credit cards, wire transfers, online payment systems, and e-wallets can all be used to make deposits in EmpireOption. Depending on the type of your account, there would be a fee of $10 to $30 charged for each withdrawal. These show how EmpireOptions can be a good solution even though not regulated.


Unregulated websites that claim to provide trading or financial services should be avoided at all costs since they may be operated by fraudsters or scammers. Some of them are able to keep operations going for an extended period of time by using shady, dodgy approaches like Ponzi schemes that allow them simultaneously to steal larger sums of money.  Our crypto bots review also found that ICO scams have also become common when it comes to cryptocurrency investment. 

Sites can be resurrected even if they are no longer operational or have been shut down. However, there are certain sites that, while not being licensed, become very helpful and resourceful for investors.

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