Alerting Investors to Dangers: MetaverseFX is a Scam

If you’ve arrived at this page, you’ve either invested in MetaverseFX or want to. We’ll explain why investing in this business is unsafe and why doing so might result in your money being stolen.

MetaverseFX operates as a financial institution. It is not allowed to offer financial services because it does not own any regulatory licenses in the countries in which it operates. Since 2019, we have been analyzing all of the warnings sent out by regulators throughout the world.

Is MetaverseFX a Licensed Broker?

No regulations apply to MetaverseFX. They displayed their FCA and other financial authority registrations, but all of them are bogus. They don’t follow any rules and aren’t listed with any of these groups.

Why Should Not You Trust an Unlicensed Broker?

Brokers who are unregulated should be disregarded. Second, before doing business with a broker, make sure to verify their regulatory status. If not, let it be! If a broker has a license and is controlled by the FCA or CySEC, users are urged to use them since they watch over some of the greatest brokerages in the world.

They also enforce a variety of strict rules and requirements that all people who hold licenses from them must follow. Both organizations also offer financial compensation programs to clients of companies who are unable to pay them back, usually as a result of bankruptcy or other similar events. While CySEC only gives guarantees up to €20,000 per person, the FCA offers warranties up to £85,000.

Is MetaverseFX Can Be Trusted?

It is obvious that this organization cannot be trusted after viewing the warning from FCA, the primary regulatory body for financial companies in the USA. Additionally, the website is now closed if you try to view it. Perhaps it will reopen with a different domain name or company name.

Warnings From Financial Regulators

FCA has officially warned MetaverseFX. Your investment is not secure if you have money in this company. If they ask you to pay taxes or anything else, refuse since scammers will take advantage of this as a chance to steal more money from you. Con artists continuously try to take as much money as they can by making you think that you have to pay taxes or have substantial revenues. Usually, this form of scam lasts for a year or two before it vanishes or switches to a different domain with the same name.

What Do Traders Think Of MetaverseFX?

Numerous evaluations have already been posted on MetaverseFX by traders from various nations. Reviews from various social media platforms and other internet communities are also available. They are dissatisfied with the MetaverseFX business. The majority of evaluations focus on their withdrawal policy, lack of a customer assistance program, and other account-related problems.

Platform Offered by MetaverseFX

Instead of using an MT4 or MT5 platform, they made use of a standard online trading platform. Why would a business choose to use one of these two cutting-edge trading systems over a web-based one? Although other fraudulent sites also make use of these two, employing the standard web trading platform is obvious evidence of fraud.

Country Serving by MetaverseFX

MetaverseFX is currently working in the USA, UK, Cyprus, and Australia.

MetaverseFX Range of Trading Markets

They did not make any clearance about their range of trading. They mentioned that a client manager will contact you if you feel interested and then they will discuss the whole thing.

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Terms of MetaverseFX

There is no information about minimum deposit and withdrawal terms found. They cunningly hide this information.

Ways to Make a Deposit

MetaverFX accepts debit or credit card payments and also via Bitcoin.

Victim of MetaverseFX Scam? Report Your Story To Us.

Simply send a report to us if MetaverseFX scams you. To get your money back, we will provide you with a free consultation as well as some service recommendations.

Companies that provide credit and debit cards must offer the ability to charge back lost funds. Therefore, submitting a chargeback should be your first move in getting your money back. For MasterCard and VISA, the chargeback window is 540 days.

Investments lost during a wire transfer may be reimbursed if the bank sending the transfer has a special procedure in place for such circumstances. However, customers should immediately change their bank IDs and passwords!

If you have lost money to companies like Xifra Lifestyle, ZenithBits, or Capital Traders Markets, please report it today by bellow form.

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