The Right Crypto Analysis Tools

For every trader, crypto analysis tools play an important role in determining the price movement for better trading decisions. Cryptocurrency has continued to get bigger every day with over 7,000 coins currently CoinMarketCap.

The crypto market continues to boom which is lucrative to professional investors who actually know how to exploit the crypto to make money. For beginners to make lucrative investment choices, understanding and utilizing the right crypto analysis is important.

For instance, using cryptoanalysis will assist and enlighten any beginner investor with sufficient knowledge to make profitable investments without the fear of missing out. Crypto investment is a risky journey that requires an investor to make use of the best analyzing tools before investing their hard-earn money.

But, what is the right crypto analysis tools to use?

There are several crypto analysis tools to use, however, we are only going to thoroughly explain the best 5 tools for both beginner and professional investors.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Trading View

Are you looking for a way to succeed in your Crypto trading? Then, you should use Trading View to maximize your trading experience with live charts for both crypto and stock. Trading View makes it easy for you to focus on a single trading strategy to avoid failure.

Trading View was founded in 2011, as a Social media charts analyzing platform. And guess what? Trading View makes it easy for everyone, no matter what you want to trade, you will have the opportunity to prepare by exploring the market before committing.

Visit Trading View:

  1. LunarCrush

LunarCrush is very unique compared with Trading View, Lunarcrush uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to aid traders by analyzing cryptocurrency data from different sources to reveal valuable insights to traders for making better trading decisions.

Think of LunarCrush as a social intelligence for crypto. For instance, it’s hard for an individual to listen to million different opinions about crypto in a minute but LunarCrush does this for you. LunarCrush helps you collect different activities on social media about crypto in real-time and present them to you into digestible data.

Visit LunarCrush:

  1. Messari

Messari is an advanced data analysis platform for global crypto assets. If you are looking for crypto analyzing tool that will provide you with potential knowledge of investing with confidence, then Messari gave got you covered.

As the evolution of finance in the crypto world continues, using the right crypto analyzing tool will help you make sense of new asset classes that will drive you to profitable decision making and investment. The road to being a successful investor involves using the right crypto analysis tool to break crypto data and build wealth.

Visit Messari:

  1. Glassnode

Glassnode is another tool that delivers insights into cryptocurrency and blockchain. Glassnode brings on-chain data that are verified by miners indicating how the market is currently moving. With this tool, traders and investors can predict the market prices to make better trading decisions. 

Glassnode provides on-chain data and charts it as metrics for easy understanding. Using Glassnode gives you a unique change in how you measure the market sentiment and behavior.

To explore this tool further, visit Glassnode:

  1. Dune Analytics

Dune is a simple web-based platform for querying Ethereum data to extract lucrative information on the blockchain. Among other crypto chart analysis tools, Dune Analytics brings something different to traders and investors by giving them access to vital information as charted metrics.

Instead of thinking about going through the stress of creating a script that will extract information on the blockchain, Dune Analytics does everything for you in a professional manner. What more could anyone ask for?

To get started with Dune Analytics, visit:

  1. Coin Metrics

Coin metrics is a financial intelligence platform that provides network data, market data, index, and network risk solutions relating to crypto-assets.

As the crypto market continues to move in different directions every time, it’s becoming hard for investors and traders to predict it. However, with access to the advanced features of Coin Metrics, you could be taking your investment to another level. Explore charts, different assets, and learn how to trade over 1,600+ pairs.

Visit Coin Metrics:

There are different varieties of crypto analysis tools, depending on your trading skillset, you can try as many tools as you can to find what’s suitable to make accurate decisions.

As the crypto market continues to grow, new crypto analysis tools are bound to be introduced for better trading decisions – so stay tuned for further updates!

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