The Shocking Truth About How One Company Scammed Thousands

Virgo Wallet is a renowned Web3 platform for beginners and they are legit and very much popular. And that creates a new problem. Many scammers create a disguise like them and deceive people to make invest on the fake platform.

Today’s story is one of these incidents.

I had always been interested in cryptocurrency, and I had heard about the Virgo platform, which was known as one of the best crypto trading sites out there but little did I know about Cryptocurrency Scammer List sites. So when I stumbled upon, I thought it was just another branch of the Virgo platform. Little did I know that it was a fake/scam site that would cause me to lose thousands of dollars.

This is a common characteristic of being scammed. People when see a similar name of a renowned company, they think it might a second website or a branch website. So, without doing any further investigation, they make an investment and get trapped.

I decided to make a cash deposit to swap with some ETH, thinking that this was a legitimate transaction. I was pleased to find that the transaction went through, and I received a confirmation email from However, my happiness was short-lived when I realized that the ETH never came into my account. Dang it!

I tried contacting customer service, but to my surprise, I couldn’t find any contact information on the website. My complaints went unanswered, and I was left with a significant loss of around $3000 that never came back. That was a big chunk of my year-round bonus.

This should be a common practice before making any investment on a platform. You should contact their customer service to check whether they are legit or not. If you see they are responsive and answer all of your questions smoothly, then you can trust them. The best way is to visit them directly if possible. If you see they are not responsive or trying to hide something, forcing you to make the investment first, then you will be sure that they are a pure scam.

I was devastated and didn’t know what to do. I had never experienced Cryptocurrency Scams before, and I felt like I had let myself down. It was only after some research that I realized that was not the same as the famous Virgo platform. In fact, it was a scam website that appeared on global scam watchdog sites.

You should check the scammer warning websites and scammer report websites to check their legitimacy too. You can check with report websites such as Report Scammed Bitcoin, where they always update their scammer lists in different categories. They have forex scammer list, Cryptocurrency scammer lists, Investment scammer lists, etc. Also, you can contact them if you have any confusion on any trading website.

I also found other victims who had shared similar experiences with They had lost thousands of dollars, and some had even lost their life savings.

How could someone do this to innocent people? How could they sleep at night knowing they had caused so much pain and suffering? On the other hand, I also asked myself: How could I be so stupid? It was a harsh lesson to learn, but I knew that I had to be more cautious in the future.

I learned that just because a website claims to be legitimate doesn’t mean it actually is. I should have double-checked the legitimacy of the site before making any transactions. And I should have been more cautious about websites offering cashback bonuses that seemed too good to be true.

I submitted my incidents in several reporting websites and I came to know about Report Scammed Bitcoin. When I submitted my incident, they provided me with a free consultation and gave me some recovery service recommendations. I used them, and fortunately, I was able to recover my scammed money. Thanks RSB.

I also learned that it’s important to do research and read reviews from other users before trusting a website. Scammers often use similar names and logos to legitimate companies, so it’s important to pay attention to the details and not be fooled by the similarities.

In the end, I was able to move on from the experience and take it as a valuable lesson. It was a difficult time as I also learned How to get bitcoin back from scammer online. I knew that I could never let something like this happen again. I now double-check the legitimacy of every site I use and always do my research before making any transactions. And I urge everyone to do the same, so they don’t have to go through the same experience as I did.

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