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If you’re considering as your potential trading platform, you might want to reconsider. is a brokerage firm that has gained notoriety for being involved in scams and unethical practices. In this review, we will explore why should be avoided and the experiences of traders who have dealt with this broker.

Is a Licensed Broker?

The answer is no. is an unlicensed broker, which means it is not regulated by any financial authority. We do not find any regulation or license from any regulatory body or authorization. It makes clear that this platform should not be trusted.

Why Should Not You Trust an Unlicensed Broker?

Unlicensed brokers do not operate under any regulations, which makes them risky to deal with. In many cases, these brokers are involved in fraudulent activities, which may cause you to lose your hard-earned money. Unlicensed brokers have no oversight, which means they can manipulate the market to their advantage, and traders can be left with nothing.

Can Be Trusted? is an unlicensed broker, so it is difficult to trust them. Additionally, the company has been implicated in several fraudulent activities, which include falsely advertising its services and taking advantage of traders. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to trust this broker.

What Do Traders Think of

Traders who have dealt with have expressed their dissatisfaction with the company. Many have reported losing money and not receiving any support from the company. Others have reported that the company’s customer service is unresponsive, and they have been unable to withdraw their funds.

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