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Exposing the Lanxbit Scam: Who’s Behind It?

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Investing with unproven brokers like Lanxbit can be a dangerous game. With numerous complaints and warnings from unhappy investors, is it worth taking the risk with this platform? In this review, we’ll examine Lanxbit’s reputation, business practices, and user experiences to help you make an informed decision before entrusting your financial future to this unlicensed broker.

Is Lanxbit a Licensed Broker?

Lanxbit does not hold a license to operate in UK and USA. However, they claim that FCA regulates them, but no FCA confirmation is found on FCA’s website. Also, their contact information and physical address are hoaxes.

Why Should Not You Trust an Unlicensed Broker?

When it comes to your finances, trust is everything. Unlicensed brokers like Lanxbit operate outside the reach of financial authorities, leaving your investments vulnerable to scams and unethical practices. With no regulatory oversight, there’s no guarantee that your assets are safe or that the broker is transparent or fair in its dealings. Trust only licensed brokers who have undergone strict industry evaluations and operate under the watchful eye of financial authorities.

Can Lanxbit Be Trusted?

Scam brokers, such as Lanxbit, should not be trusted. When this broker is falsely licensed and has no legit physical address, this is not recommended to trust them.  

What Do Traders Think Of Lanxbit?

Logically, you cannot find any positive reviews on the internet or social media. If you go through different online forums, you can find much negative feedback for this broker. Most traders are unhappy due to their sudden account ban and having no customer service department.

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