The Ugly Truth Behind Xifra Lifestyle: How to Protect Yourself

To put it more simply, Xifra operates as a multi-level marketing organization. This indicates that in order to take advantage of the possibility to sell items, you will be required to make a payment in advance in the form of a charge.

You will quickly discover, as do the great majority of people who fall for these kinds of scams, that the well dries up far sooner than you imagined. This is something that you can look forward to learning.

Read this Xifra Lifestyle review first before considering joining this firm in any capacity before making a decision to do so. Before you make such a significant choice, you need to determine whether or not it is going to be worth your time.

Is My Xifra Lifestyle a Licensed Broker?

Xifra may appear to be a lucrative opportunity; however, there are a number of other troubling facts to be aware of regarding it.

Only three years have passed, but Xifra has already been subjected to a number of allegations; these allegations have not only come from affiliates, but also from regulators in a variety of countries who have taken serious actions against the company.

Why Should Not You Trust an Unlicensed Broker?

If a financial company or a broker is not regulated then it means that this company cannot provide security to its clients’ money. Also, no client will get any kind of help for reimbursement from the regulatory body.

Is My Xifra Lifestyle Can Be Trusted?

No, Xifra Lifestyle is a pure Ponzi scheme MLM and they also don’t have any regulatory permission to continue the business. After opening their business, within 3 years they received several bans and warnings from several prominent regulatory bodies.

Warnings From Financial Regulators

Xifra Lifestyle was issued a fraud notice in Peru on May 28, 2021. SBS advises the public to avoid any fund-raising initiatives that are not endorsed by them. Any group that wants to collect public funds is required to get prior approval from the SBS, which Xifra does not have.

CNBV issued a warning against Xifra for questionable financial practices on September 6, 2021. The financial arm of the Mexican government is called CNBV.

Colombia issues a warning to Xifra Lifestyle on December 16th, 2021 for operating illegal financial schemes.

Additionally, the creator of Xifra Lifestyle, Jonathan, and his partners was detained by Mexican authorities in January 2022 on suspicion of bribing and intimidating them. However, as the charges couldn’t be proven in court, the judge threw out the case and freed the defendants.

What Do Traders Think Of My Xifra Lifestyle?

We do not advise anybody to join or promote it since it is a hoax. The reality that Xifra Lifestyle is a hoax cannot be altered, despite the efforts of its operators to maintain its legitimacy.

Naturally, it pays its existing affiliates on a regular basis, but this is all part of its con to get as many people to fall for it and invest as possible.

The idea of hemp farming has also been introduced to optimize public investment. They hold onto investors’ money for many months before committing a simple exit fraud.

Platform Offered by My Xifra Lifestyle

Xifra, an MLM business, began by selling CBD oil and other health items. But as of right now, Xifra is a cryptocurrency-based MLM.

Affiliates must deposit a set amount in one of the several crypto pools offered by Xifra. The trading algorithm used by Xifra guarantees returns on investments of up to 2%.

Additionally, affiliates get rewards for bringing on new affiliates that contribute to cryptocurrency pools.

Country Serving by My Xifra Lifestyle

On its website, Xifra Lifestyle gives a business suite location in Mexico in an effort to look genuine.

The majority of the Xifra Lifestyle advertising we’ve seen seems to be aimed toward South America, namely Costa Rica.

My Xifra Lifestyle Range of Trading Markets

Bitcoin investments made by Xifra Lifestyle affiliates are backed by a daily ROI guarantee of 0.5% to 2%, with a 200% ceiling.

X300-$300, X500-$500, X1000-$1000, X3000-$3000, X5000-$5000, X10000-$10,000, X15-$15,000, X25-$25,000, X50000-$50,000

Also available are “plantation fund” investment plans:

X2500-$2500, X5000-$500, X10000-$10,000, X15000-$15,000, X25000-$25,000, X50000-$50,000, X75000-$75,000, and X100000-$100,000.

Plans for investing in plantation funds provide 10% monthly returns for 24 months (240%).

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Terms of My Xifra Lifestyle

The bare minimum needed to begin employment with Xifra Lifestyle is $115.

Ways to Make a Deposit

You need to buy some of their products and sell them to gain profit. In other words, the depositing method is to buy their affiliate products.

Victim of My Xifra Lifestyle Scam? Report Your Story To Us.

If you are a victim of the Xifra Lifestyle scam, submit a report to us. We will evaluate and will provide you with a free consultation on how to get the money back.

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