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" A Comprehensive Review of Its Legitimacy", scam, scam broker, broker review, scam, broker, claims to be a forex and CFDs trading platform that provides traders with access to various trading instruments. However, the platform has been accused of scamming traders out of their hard-earned money. This review will examine the platform’s licensing, trustworthiness, and customer reviews to determine whether traders should trust this broker.

Is a Licensed Broker?

Upon our investigation, we discovered that is not a licensed broker. The platform does not hold regulatory licenses from reputable financial authorities. We noticed several warnings from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This lack of regulation indicates that is not a trustworthy platform.

Why Should You Not Trust an Unlicensed Broker?

Unlicensed brokers like are not bound by regulatory guidelines and can operate outside the law. These platforms are more likely to engage in fraudulent activities, such as manipulating prices, withholding traders’ funds, or closing accounts without explanation. Therefore, trading with unlicensed brokers is a significant risk to your investment capital.

Can Be Trusted?

Given’s lack of regulation and reputation, it’s clear that this platform cannot be trusted. The company has been associated with numerous fraudulent activities, including false advertising and misleading information. Furthermore, the platform does not provide any information about its ownership, another red flag.

What Do Traders Think About

Most traders who have interacted with have reported negative experiences. Many have accused the platform of scamming them out of their money, while others have complained about poor customer support and lack of transparency. These negative reviews suggest that is not a legitimate trading platform.

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