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“Uncovering the Legitimacy of”, scam, scam broker, broker review, scam, broker, is an online trading platform that has garnered significant attention among traders worldwide. However, the platform has also raised concerns about its legitimacy, with many traders questioning its licensing and reputation. This article aims to review, assess its legitimacy, and provide traders with an informed perspective on its credibility.

Is a Licensed Broker?

The first thing is Marketplace Fairness is not a financial broker. Robert McDougall, an Australian personal financial adviser, founds this website. He provides financial training and educational resources to people who want to invest in the financial world. But, it is true that he is regulated or licensed to this kind of financial advising. He does not provide any license or regulation certification.

Why Should Not You Trust An Unlicensed Broker?

Traders should avoid unlicensed brokers for several reasons. Firstly, unlicensed brokers may not adhere to strict regulations, putting traders’ funds and personal information at risk. Additionally, unlicensed brokers may engage in unethical practices, such as market manipulation and fraudulent activities, leading to substantial financial losses for traders.

Can You Trust

Since is not a licensed adviser, traders should exercise caution when considering using the platform. While may not be a scam, its lack of regulatory oversight raises concerns about its legitimacy.

What Do Traders Think About

Traders’ opinions on are mixed. Some traders have reported positive experiences with the platform, while others have raised concerns about its legitimacy. It’s worth noting that traders’ experiences may vary, but the absence of regulation should be a significant factor in deciding whether to use the platform.

Scammed By – Talk With An Expert

If you have been scammed by or any other unlicensed broker, seeking expert advice is essential. Scamming is a severe offense that can lead to substantial financial losses. We can provide a free consultation and service recommendations to help you recover the money.

If you have lost money to companies like,, or A16Zcrypto, please report it today by the below form.

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