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Don’t Be a Victim: Understanding the Tactics and Warning Signs of Financial Fraud

As someone who runs a small startup business, I was particularly interested in the security measures and benefits offered by crypto wallets since to manage our funds and transactions. That’s why I was excited to come across, a Crypto wallet provider that offered amazing security measures for professionals and teams like mine.

I did my research on and was impressed with what I found. The private key was completely under user control, and users could control more aspects of their wallet, which was perfect for my company’s needs. I was eager to sign up and start using their services.

However, as I later found out, there were some Cryptocurrency Scams created websites copying, and unfortunately, I almost fell victim to one of them. It was called, and at first glance, it looked exactly like

In this modern world of technology and artificial intelligence, it is very easy to create a clone website of a reputable company. Scammers can make clone websites to deceive people and tarp them in their dirty plans.

I signed up for their services, created my account, and started using their platform. Everything was going well, and I was impressed with their user interface and the level of control I had over my wallet. However, one day, I received an email that made me suspicious.

The email claimed to be from, and it requested that I provide them with my private key so they could update their security measures. This request made me uneasy, as I knew that providing my private key to anyone would be a huge security risk and the real Ownbit also emphasize this matter.  So, I decided to investigate further.

This is a common trick from scammers. They will email you by asking for your private keys, account information, and passwords to make your account security strong. But, remember, the legit company never asks their customers to share this information. They will tell you how to do it by yourself.

It was then that I noticed something odd. While scrolling through my bookmarks, I realized that the legitimate website was using the “.io” extension while the scam website was using “.link”. It was a subtle difference, but it was enough to make me suspicious.

Scammers always do this trick. We usually remember the domain name, not the extension. So, they just make tweaks in the extension part and make the clone website to lure people.

I was shocked and scared. I had almost fallen victim to a scam, and if I had given them my private key, I would have lost all of my money. But thankfully, I was able to catch it in time. I immediately contacted the customer service team at and explained the situation.

They were incredibly helpful and confirmed that the email I received was not from them. They advised me on what steps to take to protect my account and prevent any unauthorized access. They also warned me about the existence of scam websites that mimic their website and offered tips on how to spot them including checking scammer lists issued by authorities or watchdogs.

Thanks to their quick action and advice, I was able to protect my account and prevent any loss of funds. I felt relieved and grateful that I had caught the scam before it was too late because there’s no guarantee of Stolen cryptocurrency recovery attempts.

After I secured my account and informed the real website authority, I thought it should be spread all over the internet to make people aware. So, I started submitting reports on different reporting websites and online forums.

I cam to know about Report Scammed Bitcoin. I submitted my incident and received a free consultation on how to be secured from these kinds of scams. I noticed that, they have several lists of scammers such as forex scammers, investment scammers, cryptocurrency scammers, HYIP scammers, etc. My scammer is also enlisted on their list.

They have other education resources such as blogs, guides, rea stories, and scam broker reviews. These resources are very helpful for novice traders.

Looking back on the bittersweet experience, I realize how lucky I was to have caught the scam in time. It was a lesson to be more cautious and always double-check the authenticity of emails and websites before giving away sensitive information. But I’m also grateful for the legitimate services offered by, and I still use their platform to manage my cryptocurrency securely.

If you have lost money to companies like BBINExchangeJoywealth, or FXLiveCapital, please report it today by bellow form.

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