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Unmasking Our Experience with the Forex Trading Platform, scam, scam broker, broker review, scam, broker, is an online broker offering trading services on assets such as Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, the platform has gained negative attention for its unlicensed and unregulated status and numerous scam accusations from traders. In this review, we’ll delve into why is not a trustworthy broker.

Is a Licensed Broker? is not a licensed broker. This lack of regulation means that no authorities oversee their operations, leaving traders at high risk of fraud and financial abuse. Therefore, traders should avoid using and instead go for a reputable licensed broker that complies with the regulatory authority’s guidelines.

Why Should You Not Trust an Unlicensed Broker?

Trading with an unlicensed broker significantly threatens your funds and personal information. These brokers operate outside of regulatory bodies, and there are no guarantees they will safeguard your interests. Furthermore, they can vanish with your money without any legal consequences.

Can Be Trusted?

No, cannot be trusted. There are many scam allegations leveled against the broker. Some of the most common complaints include blocking withdrawals, refusal to return deposits, and rigged trades. Such actions demonstrate that is not a legitimate broker and should be avoided.

What Do Traders Think About

Online reviews from traders indicate that is a scam broker. Many traders have lost their money with the broker, and their attempts to recover the funds have been futile.’s reputation in the trading community is tarnished, and there needs to be evidence that it is improving.

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If has scammed you, keep hope. Our company provides a free consultation to guide you on recovering the money lost to unscrupulous brokers. We also have some good recovery service recommendations to help you recover your lost funds. So, reach out to us, and let us help you recover what’s rightfully yours.

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