A Deep Dive into Dexustop legit: Legitimacy Examined

Is Dexustoplegit.com or a scam broker?

Dexustoplegit.com is likely a scam due to its safety score, unreliable domain, and lack of regulation. It is not a reliable trading platform for investment.

The broker needs a regulatory status or license, which raises concerns about its legitimacy and considers it a Dexustop legit scam. Be cautious when dealing with unregulated or offshore brokers with no track record, as there are significant risks involved.

Verify information with reputable regulatory bodies like ASIC, CySEC, and FCA. Additionally, reviews and testimonials indicate Dexustop’s suspicious nature.

If Dexustop has scammed you, please contact us for assistance.

What is Dexustoplegit.com?

Dexustop is a trading platform for forex, crypto, and metals. It offers deposit, withdrawal, share rebate, and lock mining features.

When navigating the market, it’s essential to be discerning and vigilant to avoid scams. Fraudulent activities are prevalent, so it’s crucial to recognize red flags and avoid unscrupulous brokers.

Dexustop legit Details:

Regulated by:

Unregulated Broker

Is This Company Safe?

The unavailability of licenses deems it highly unsafe

Known Websites:


Have Warnings from:


Operating since:


Trading Platforms:

Paxful, Changelly, Bitcoin, Coinbase, OKEX, MoonPay, Banxa

Maximum Leverage:


Minimum Deposit:


Deposit Bonus:

Not available

Trading Assets:

Forex, Crypto, Metals

Free Demo Account:

Not available

How to  Withdraw from This Company?

Payouts do not happen – better contact our legal services for help!

If you have lost money to companies like Webultradingbot or XRPfunds-promo, please report it to us on our Report a Scam form.

Deposits and withdrawals:


Dexustop accepts bank deposits in USD, JPY, HKD, TWD, and IDR, as well as digital currency options like USDT Chain ERC20, USDC ERC20, ETH ERC20, BTC ERC20, and USDT TRC20 Chain.

After depositing, contact customer service with the deposit voucher, ensuring accuracy to prevent processing issues.


Withdrawals are in digital currencies only, with a minimum of $100.00 and a maximum of $5,000,000.00. A $25.00 handling fee is deducted, and the actual amount received depends on your bank’s international remittance time. 

Dexustop disclaims that withdrawal arrival times are solely dependent on the bank.

Account Types:

According to Dexustop reviews, The platform supports transfers from Paxful, Changelly, Bitcoin, Coinbase, OKEX, MoonPay, and Banxa.

Red flags and warning signs:

  • The Dexustop scam broker house lacks regulation from financial authorities, claiming to be a self-regulatory, peer-to-peer, social trading platform.
  • Inactive customer support
  • Unclear fee structure
  • Deceptive pressure tactics by external agents, as reported by several Dexustop reviews
  • Withdrawal complaints by several clients who lost funds to Dexustop
  • The website lacks proper design and metadata elements, which negatively impacts its online presence and credibility. It indicates a momentary lapse in quality. Once the back-end improvement is implemented, we will promptly update this information to reflect the positive changes.

Read our carefully selected list of 100 top regulated brokers to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

Customer complaints and negative reviews:

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Is Dexustop down?

Dexustop has been a cryptocurrency and forex trading platform since October 8, 2023. Restart your browser or check your connection if the website is not opening.

Do we consider it legit or a scam to trading?

Dexustop is a scam platform with a meager trust score and suspicious encryption.

Is this number a scammer?

To determine if a missed call is from a scammer, conduct a Google search using the phone number. This can often provide the answer you seek. Additionally, you can search the number of websites where individuals discuss scams to gather more information.

Got scammed by Dexustoplegit.com? We help victims!

If you are stuck by the Dexustop legit scam, we understand the difficult position you’re in. Fortunately, we are here to assist you. Our team specializes in helping individuals who have fallen victim to scams like Dexustop. 

With our expertise and experience, we can guide you through the necessary steps to seek justice. We can also help you recover your lost funds. You Can report to us today by the below form.

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