An In-Depth Look at Antares Trade

An uncomfortable cryptocurrency and FX trading platform is Antares. The creator works as a hired actor for Russian con artists. Investors on the platform are having trouble getting their money back. The majority of them are being sent to Alcor, a sibling platform. In case you didn’t know, Alcor is a well-known exit fraud. Please read our comprehensive Antares Trade review to learn more.

Is Antares Trade a Licensed Broker?

Antares Trade is not a licensed broker. Though they are based in Hong Kong, they have to obtain a license from their central financial regulatory body. But unfortunately, they don’t have this.

Why Should Not You Trust an Unlicensed Broker?

When a broker is licensed, then it can provide security to their client’s money. Also, they have to provide their regular financial report and activities to the authority. But when a business is not licensed or regulated, they are bound to do these. They can run away with your money and you have got no security for that.

Warnings From Financial Regulators

No matter what Antares claims about its product, it is unmistakably an investment management. For instance, the Antares Forex Bot is definitely an investment management since it trades on Forex on your behalf. In this way, Antares requires an investment license that is valid in every nation where it wants customers. They must acquire a permit from the Securities and Futures Commission since their office is in Hong Kong (SFC). In any event, Antares does not have SFC permission.

Leverage and conditions

Antares is obviously only being considered because of the money. The deal also has a lucrative monthly bonus of up to 102%. Although incredibly alluring, it is also impractical to double your income every month in the actual world.

If it were able to passively double money each month by investing it on a site like Antares Trade, nobody would need a job.

Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Terms of Antares Trade

The minimum deposit amount in Antares Trade is $500. With this money, you have to buy some crypto and start trading with their crypto bot.

Within 24 hours of funding your account, the amount will appear in your trading account. We oppose it because no one is able to withdraw money from the site. The amount of money you may withdraw is capped, even if you day trade.

Those who have made significant investments via the site are in danger. Even partial withdrawals are not permitted by the platform. Regulators have to issue a warning for this reason. The platform doesn’t permit real withdrawals for investors.

Platform Offered by Antares Trade

As they are a crypto bot trading platform, they actually don’t offer any real platform. They force their user to create their profile and use their bot on other platforms.

Victim of Antares Trade Scam? Report Your Story To Us.

If you are a victim of the Antares Trade Scam, just submit a report to us. We can provide you with a free consultation and service recommendation to recover your lost fund.

If you have lost money to companies like Binetrix, CMTPro, or Invest point, please report it today by bellow form.

File A Complaint Against Scam Brokers

Ways to Make a Deposit

You can deposit money through cards or wire transfers.

Country Serving by Antares Trade

It is mainly operating in Hong Kong. Also, we got reports from UK, Australia, and Singapore.

What Do Traders Think Of Antares Trade?

Antares Trade has gotten a lot of bad press since it is widely believed to be a ponzi scam. Trustpilot has an average rating of 2.8 out of 5 stars.

Final thoughts

Antares is a fraud; it promises impossibly great returns before collapsing. Abstain from it!

Although it is difficult, it is possible to make money through investing. With a licensed broker, you can give it a try for free to see how you do.


  1. Is Antares Trade trusted?

No, this platform cannot be trusted as it is not a regulated and licensed business. Also, it already received several warnings. How can you trust this kind of broker.

  1. What is the problem with an unregulated broker?

Choose platforms that have been subject to reliable regulation. BaFIN, CNMV, CONSOB, CySEC, FCA, FINMA, and FSMA in Europe are some of these regulators. The SEC, CFTC, NFA, and ASIC are a few other regulators.

These authorities make sure that everyone follows tight trading and investment rules. For instance, each platform has a minimum deposit before offering trading services. The sum represents insurance coverage for public deposits.

  1. Is it possible to recover my scammed money?

Yes, it is possible. Submit your scam report. We will contact you and will guide you through the ways of recovering your money.

  1. Can MT4 trades be faked?

A broker could wish to create a bogus MT4 account for a few different reasons. They seek to defraud novice traders who are ignorant, which is one of the main motives. 

  1. How do I know if a forex broker is real?

If a forex broker holds legit license and regulations, they are real.

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