FundedNext Review: Paving the Way to Financial Success

FundedNext is a renowned proprietary firm (i.e. “prop firm”) allowing FX traders to trade with a funded account. It provides options for increasing the size of your account after four months of profitable trading, along with profit splits that increase in value for the trader over time.

FundedNext is a well-known company with a strong track record that provides leverage up to 1:100. See if FundedNext is the best FX prop firm for you by reading our in-depth review.

FundedNext Overview

Initial Capital$6,000 – $200,000
Price Range$49 – $1099
Profit Split60% – 90%
Daily Loss5%
Max Drawdown10%
Profit Target10% – 25%
Tradable ProductsForex, Indices, Metals, Commodities

What Is FundedNext?

Established in March 2022 by prominent digital and retail trading entrepreneur Abdullah Jayed, FundedNext is a proprietary trading organization that provides traders with access to substantial cash, up to $4 million for the most adept traders. FundedNext, which has offices in Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom, offers initial funding of up to $200,000 and permits expansion as traders demonstrate their abilities and reach predetermined goals.

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With four unique funding models—two-step, one-step, evaluation, and express—that cater to varying trading styles and skill levels, the company provides a cozy trading atmosphere. A high profit-sharing scheme helps traders, who keep 80% to 90% of their gains. This is done in collaboration with Eightcap, the broker of their choice, guaranteeing that traders function on a platform that is cutting-edge and user-friendly because of regular updates.

Pros and Cons of FundedNext

  • Profit share even during the trial phase
  • A designated account manager
  • Highly competitive spreads with MetaTrader
  • Accounts scaleable to $4m
  • Low-profit split for certain accounts
  • Doesn’t support brokers besides MetaTrader

FundedNext Account Types

To accommodate the requirements and tastes of various traders, FundedNext provides four different account types:

Evaluation Model

Traders must accomplish profit targets while demonstrating their trading abilities to pass the two phases of the evaluation model. Traders can access FundedNext’s funded account, which has an initial hefty 80% profit share after these targets are met. Depending on the trader’s performance, this split percentage may be higher than 90%.

Express Model

With the Express Model, on the other hand, there is only one phase to the challenge, and the trader’s goal is to hit a 25% profit target as fast as possible. After reaching this goal, traders start trading on FundedNext’s funded account, with a 60% profit share at first. This profit split rate can rise to 90% depending on the trader’s success, the same as the Evaluation Model.

Stellar (1-Step) Model

The single-phase challenge of the Stellar (1-Step) Model requires traders to meet a profit target of 10% to get financed. There are loss caps of 3% and 6% on a daily and overall basis, respectively. With this approach, traders can scale their accounts and receive profit splits ranging from 80% to 90%.

Stellar (2-Step) Model

There are two stages in the Stellar (2-Step) Model that traders need to finish. An 8% profit objective is set in the first phase, and a 5% profit target is set in the second. The completion of both stages is necessary to grant access to a financed account. This model’s loss regulations set a daily and total loss cap of 5% and 10%, respectively. Profit splits can range from 80% to 90%, and account scaling is an option, just like in the 1-Step model.

How To Open A FundedNext Account?

Opening a FundedNext account is a simple process made easier by the platform’s user-friendly design. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to assist you in completing the procedure:

  • Open the official FundedNext website. Find and select the Client Area drop-down option in the upper right corner of the site.
  • Select the Register option by using the drop-down menu.
  • You will be taken to a website where you can take a free tour of the dashboard. You’ll also need to fill out this page with some necessary information to register. You can choose to register using your Facebook or Google account, if you have one, for convenience.
  • Following the submission of the required information, you will be asked to generate a password. When finished, select Register to complete the initial registration.
  • Once your registration has been approved, use your username and password to access your new account.
  • After logging in, you will be directed to the FundedNext sample dashboard.
  • There are eleven options on the left side of the screen, ranging from help to the dashboard.
  • To find the “Start New Account Get Funded Now” option, scroll down.
  • You will be presented with the Stellar, Evaluation, and Express challenge models when you click on this choice.
  • Specific one-time costs and financing amounts are associated with each of these models or challenges, and these will be credited to the trader’s account.
  • Choose the account type that most closely matches your trading experience and financial situation.
  • After making your choice, click “Enroll Now.”

You will now have to wait to hear from us about the delivery of your initial fees. After payment of these costs, you can start working on the challenge of your choice. Your actual dashboard will be updated with all of your progress.

What Brokers FundedNext Use?

FundedNext works directly with the Eightcap broker located in Melbourne. Eightcap, a company licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), was founded in 2009 with the specific goal of providing excellent financial services.

With five global offices now, they have grown, and their regulatory credentials are multi-regional. This wide reach allows clients to explore a variety of marketplaces from around the globe.

FundedNext Customer Support

FundedNext has designed its support system with the understanding that providing excellent customer service is crucial. FundedNext can assist you whether you’re a trader with complex questions or just need short answers.

They guarantee quick responses for people looking for answers right away by providing live chat on both their website and app. They have an enthusiastic email support crew that specializes in providing more in-depth responses.

Alternative to FundedNext

Prop Firm DetailsLux Trading FirmFundedNextThe Funded Trader
Year Founded202020222021
Offices LocationLondon, UKAjman, UAEMiami, Florida, USA
Maximum Balance$10,000,000$4,000,000$1,500,000
Keep First ProfitsChallenge FeeRegistration Fee + 15% Evaluation ProfitsNo

Report Scammed Bitcoin Can Help You If Get Scammed

Prop funding trading is a risky thing if you do not choose the broker properly. If you accidentally choose the wrong broker and get scammed, you can get quick help from us. We will provide you with a free consultation call to show you some guidance from our experts. Also, you will get some recovery service recommendations to help you in recovering the lost funds.

If you have lost money to companies like XTBNutmeg, or RoboForex, please report it today by the below form.

Final Thoughts

For traders looking for a forex prop firm, FundedNext is unquestionably a company to take into consideration. This FundedNext review walks you through all of the advantages that FundedNext offers, including as quick account access, trader-friendly leverage, and a vibrant Discord community.

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