Is Legit or A Scam Broker?

No, is not a legitimate broker. There are several red flags that indicate this platform is likely a scam, including:

  • Unregulated: AudeMartMarkets is not regulated by any reputable financial authority. This means your funds are not protected, and there’s no recourse if the broker disappears with your money.
  • Opaque Information: The website lacks transparency about the company’s location, ownership, and track record.
  • Negative Customer Reviews: Several online reviews report issues with withdrawals and unresponsive customer service.

Overview of

AudeMartMarkets’ website makes bold claims about its offerings. They present themselves as a leading forex and CFD broker, providing access to a wide range of tradable instruments. This could include popular forex pairs, commodities like gold and oil, stock indices, and even cryptocurrencies. However, due to the lack of transparency surrounding the company, it’s impossible to verify the legitimacy of these claims. A reputable broker would clearly outline the specific financial instruments available for trading on their platform. Additionally, they would provide details about the spreads, margin requirements, and swap rates associated with each instrument. This transparency allows potential clients to make informed decisions about whether the broker’s offerings align with their trading goals.

Account Types

There is limited information available regarding the specific account types offered by AudeMartMarkets. This lack of transparency is another red flag.

Details about AudeMartMarkets





Minimum Deposit


Trading Platform


Customer Support

Unclear method of contact

Problems With Withdraw and Deposit With AudeMartMarkets

Several online reviews suggest that users have encountered significant difficulties withdrawing their funds from AudeMartMarkets. The process may be purposefully obfuscated, with unclear instructions and limited withdrawal methods. Additionally, there have been reports of unreasonable delays and minimum withdrawal amounts. Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the deposit process. There may be a lack of clarity on the available deposit methods and associated fees. In the worst-case scenario, some users might discover hidden charges or even be pressured into making additional deposits.

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Problems With License, Registration, and Warning from Financial Regulators

A critical factor when choosing a broker is its regulatory status. A legitimate broker will be registered with a reputable financial authority, such as the FCA in the UK, ASIC in Australia, or the SEC in the US. These regulatory bodies enforce strict rules to protect investors’ funds and ensure fair trading practices. Since AudeMartMarkets lacks any regulatory oversight, there’s no guarantee your money is safe.

Negative Customer Review

Here’s a common complaint found in online reviews:

“I deposited money with AudeMartMarkets, but when I tried to withdraw my profits, I was met with delays and excuses. Now, I can’t even reach customer service.”

How Does Report Scammed Bitcoin Can Help You?

If you’ve been scammed by a broker like AudeMartMarkets, Report Scammed Bitcoin claims to offer free consultation and recovery service recommendations. It’s important to note that recouping funds lost to a scam can be extremely difficult. Be cautious of any service that guarantees successful recovery.

The Bottom Line

Stay away from AudeMartMarkets. The lack of regulation, negative customer reviews, and unclear information about the platform are all strong indicators of a scam. If you’re considering online trading, choose a reputable and well-regulated broker. Research the company thoroughly and check online reviews from trusted sources before making any deposits.

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