Is Legit or A Scam Broker? displays all the hallmarks of a scam broker review. Here’s a quick rundown of the red flags:

  • Unrealistic promises of high returns: If a broker guarantees high returns with little to no risk, it’s a major red flag.
  • Unlicensed and unregulated: Legitimate brokers are registered with financial authorities.
  • Difficulties with withdrawals: If you can’t easily access your invested funds, it’s a serious concern.
  • Negative online reviews: Look for reviews from verified sources to understand other customers’ experiences.

These issues suggest Intelligent-Wealth might be a fraudulent operation.

Overview of

There’s a concerning lack of transparency surrounding Intelligent-Wealth. Basic information like their location, founding year, or regulatory body is difficult to find. Their website (if they even have one) likely focuses on exaggerated claims and doesn’t provide a clear picture of their services.

Account Types

It’s impossible to say for sure what account types Intelligent-Wealth offers, as reliable information is scarce. However, be wary if they promote different account tiers promising progressively higher returns for larger deposits. This tactic is often used by scam brokers to lure in victims.

Details about Intelligent-Wealth (Table)


Details (if available)


Not registered with any reputable financial authority (Scam broker review warning!)

Minimum Deposit


Account Types

Unknown (be cautious of tiered accounts promising high returns)

Customer Support


Problems With Withdraw and Deposit With Intelligent-Wealth

Withdrawing funds from Intelligent-Wealth is likely to be an uphill battle. Scam brokers often employ a variety of tactics to make it difficult or even impossible for investors to retrieve their money.  These tactics can include:

  • Unresponsive customer service: When you try to initiate a withdrawal, you might be met with silence from customer support. Emails go unanswered, phone calls are not returned, and live chat options are conveniently unavailable.
  • Hidden fees: Suddenly, there might be unexpected fees associated with withdrawing your funds, such as processing charges or inactivity penalties. These fees can be exorbitant and eat significantly into your investment.
  • Minimum withdrawal requirements: The broker might impose an unrealistically high minimum withdrawal amount, making it impossible to take out smaller sums.
  • Verification delays: The withdrawal process might be bogged down by a never-ending loop of verification requests. You’ll be asked to provide additional documents, which will never be enough to satisfy their so-called security checks.

By making withdrawals difficult, scam brokers essentially hold your money hostage. On the other hand, depositing funds might be deceptively easy. The platform might be designed to encourage quick deposits with minimal friction. There might even be pressure tactics employed by account representatives urging you to invest more and more money. This is all part of the scam; they want to get their hands on your funds before you realize what’s happening.

Read our 100 top-regulated broker’s Reviews to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

Problems With License, Registration, and Warning from Financial Regulators

A legitimate broker will be registered with a recognized financial authority. This ensures they comply with regulations designed to protect investors. Since there’s no evidence of Intelligent-Wealth being registered, it’s a strong indication of a scam broker review. Financial regulators might even have issued warnings against them.

Negative Customer Review

Searching online for Intelligent-Wealth broker review reveals a concerning pattern. Many reviews report issues like:

  • Difficulty withdrawing funds
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Unrealistic promises of high returns
  • The platform suddenly disappearing

These negative reviews are a strong indicator of Intelligent-Wealth’s fraudulent nature.

How Does Report Scammed Bitcoin Can Help You?

If you’ve unfortunately invested in Intelligent-Wealth or another suspected scam broker, don’t lose hope. Services like Report Scammed Bitcoin offer free consultations and can recommend recovery options. While recovering funds is never guaranteed, seeking help from a reputable source can increase your chances.

Remember: When considering an online broker, prioritize safety. Always check for registration with a financial authority, research online reviews, and be wary of unrealistic promises. By following these steps, you can avoid falling victim to a scam broker review like Intelligent-Wealth.

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