Is Legit or A Scam Broker? may not be safe. There are several reasons to question its legitimacy. First, this domain is new, less than four months old. The trust score is meager, indicating credibility issues. This free service is often associated with scams. There is suspicion due to the domain’s association with fraudulent countries.

A lack of user Swoogocan reviews makes legitimacy challenging to assess. There is no transparency, unusual content, and spelling errors. 

Lastly, the absence of HTTPS raises concerns about the data security of the Swoogocan scam. You should exercise caution when using this website and verify its legitimacy before sharing personal information.

 What is is a cryptocurrency trading platform that facilitates the exchange of digital assets. However, it has been criticized for its transparency within the crypto community. There are several reasons for these concerns. 

This platform has been around for less than six months and has expired short, which is unusual for legitimate websites. 

The trust score is alarmingly low, indicating potential risks. The domain is linked to countries known for hosting fraudulent websites. Further suspicion was raised by the owner masking their identity in the WHOIS database. 

The Swoogocan has a low Tranco rate, indicating fewer user visits. Financial transactions should be conducted on an authentic online platform.

Swoogocan Details

Regulated by:

Not regulated by any recognized authority.

Is this company safe?

With such little information, this company is not safe.

Known websites:

Have a warning form:


Domain registration date:


Domain end date:


WHOIS registration date:


Operating since:

Operational for a brief period due to recent domain creation.

Trading platform:

No specific information is available.

Domain age:

2 months from now

Trading assets:

Forex, Indices, Shares, Futures, Crypto, Metals, Energies

Free demo account:

Not offered

How to withdraw from this company?

Payouts do not happen contact our legal service for help

Deposits and withdrawals

Regrettably, Swoogocan does not provide specific details about deposit methods, fees, or going-around times. Customers of Swoogocan Scam may meet difficulties or delays during withdrawals.

Account types

Specific account types are not shown by Swoogocan. There are no options available to users for various account features. To make well-informed decisions, it is crucial to know the diverse types of accounts available.

Read our 100 top-regulated broker’s Reviews to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

 Red flags and warning signs

The domain name was recently registered less than six months ago. The contact email in the Whois database belongs to a free email service. The domain has a short life expectancy. The website domain is associated with countries known for fraudulent websites; proven as Swoogocan scam broker house

The owner of Swoogocan uses paid services to hide their identity on WHOIS, intentionally obscuring registration details such as name, contact information, and address.

Customer complaints and negative reviews

Unfortunately, we could not find specific Swoogocan reviews. However, it is essential to remain vigilant and conduct further research to make an informed decision.


Is reputed to trade?

No, not. On taking a deep glance we have found that this site is extremely bad for scams; for that reason is not famous. 

Is company Good for beginners?

Based on our research of the Swoogocan reviews, the website is not safe for newbie investors. Due to safety concerns, it is not recommended for beginners.

Who is the owner?

The website lacks its owner’s identity; getting a paid help tool from the WHOIS database seems like a huge red signal. 

Got scammed by We help victims!

If you are a victim of the Swoogcan scam, there is no need to worry. is here to assist you in your efforts to recover your funds.  Our team is dedicated to assisting those who have lost money. We provide 24/7 support and free consultations.

Our passionate and diligent team will help expedite your recovery process. Consulting with our team will increase your chances of reclaiming your funds. Our in-depth investigation reveals that the scam is a scammed platform. Some of its alternative fraudulent brokers are and

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