Lost in the LibBit Scandal: The Tragic Story of Investors Betrayed

I was searching for a crypto and forex trading platform, and that’s when I found LibBit for the first time. It was a platform from Latvia that promised to provide exceptional services. I was intrigued and thought of giving it a shot. Little did I know that it would turn out to be a complete nightmare.

The first red flag of Forex Scams that I noticed was when they bad-mouthed the stock market and convinced me to focus on Forex. I agreed, and they convinced me to invest a large sum of money. They promised me that it would yield great returns, and I was convinced.

There are two signs I did not notice at first moment. First, they are from Latvia and I did not check whether they are regulated by Latvian authority or not. As we all know that Latvia, Marshal Island, Granada, etc. countries are the haven for scam companies.

Second, I did not notice why they are forcing me to invest in Forex rather than the stock market. Because it is easy to scam people in Forex than the stock market.

I invested $30,000 worth of USDT and waited for it to reflect in my account. It never did. When I contacted their customer support, they claimed that they had never received the deposit. It was a lie, and I knew it. I had made the deposit, and they had acknowledged receiving it. I tried to reset my password, but they prevented me from accessing my account. It was like they had blocked me out deliberately.

I was getting frustrated by the day, and my attempts to recover my money were failing. They wouldn’t let me withdraw my funds, and my dispute requests were always declined. I felt helpless, and I couldn’t believe that I had fallen for their scam. It was a considerable sum of money, and I had lost it all.

It was only after hiring a company to Recover money from scammer that I was able to prove that they had actually RECEIVED my deposit. I was relieved but also angry that they had lied to me. I filed a dispute and requested a fund withdrawal, but they always declined it. It was like they were ignoring me completely.

In this case, I also made a mistake. I did not properly contract them to recover my money. They only proved that the scammers received my money. After several suggestions, I contacted Report Scammed Bitcoin and they provided me with a free consultation. Their recommended recovery services helped me to fully recover my funds with complete legal help.

As time went by, I discovered that many other users had the same experience as mine. Their deposits never arrived in their accounts, especially those who deposited a large sum of money and used cryptocurrencies like USDT and Bitcoin. It was a scam, and I had fallen for it.

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