Love Scam – I Love You, It Can’t Be Real

According to a security expert, fraudsters participating in romance scams are growing bold about how they work and are ready to spend five months cultivating a connection with their victims.

In other situations, criminals would even initiate video chats with victims, giving them the false impression that they are involved with someone who cares about them.

People over age 55 account for half of all losses that victims report to various scam report submissions, and nearly three out of every five victims were women. In addition, scammers frequently contact victims through social networking sites and online forums. They are eager to express their intense love sentiments before requesting money, personal information, or even assisting with an “investment.”

Today, we will read a story about a lady who lost nearly $1,20,000 in a romance scam during the pandemic. Also, we will see how she got help from Report Scammed Bitcoin by submitting a scam report.

Lisa, a 68 years woman, lost her husband, who had been battling illnesses for years, at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. After her husband’s death, she suddenly felt alone. Though she has a girl, nothing could fill the place of a beloved person. So, looking for people going through similar agony, the former nurse went to the internet. But, unfortunately, she came upon predators there. 

Sometimes aged people can’t control their emotions when they are alone, especially a woman who recently lost her husband’s beloved husband. While Lisa was trapped in the scam, her daughter Christine realized the real danger.

Christine described the criminals Lisa communicated with online as having located a nurse, which indicated that Lisa had access to money. She mentioned that the most challenging time was after dad passed away.

Christine also mentioned that the whirlwind of online relationships quickly consumed her mother. Her mother thought that she found her missing emotional support from this person (read criminal). But the ties gradually became more financial than emotional. The scammer slowly demands financial assistance, including requests for thousands of dollars to cover a child’s school-related fees and funds to cover an internet connection.

“Love is blind and also makes you blind too”- Lisa proved this saying. Christine, Lisa’s daughter, observed her mother’s fascination during a girls’ trip for the Fourth of July when she repeatedly broke off from the group to talk to those online fraudsters. But unfortunately, Lisa was so attached to the scammer’s love that she forgot to enjoy it with the real-life people who loved her.

After spending all her hard-earned money on the scammer, Lisa got out of the limit. Christine added, “And I understood she had no money in her savings.” In this kind of situation, according to several psychologists, the person gets mad, and they can do Anything to sustain the relationship. Lisa also did the same. Christine mentioned that her mother liquidated expensive stuff and obtained a car title loan. Lisa almost sold and gave the mortgage to get money to provide them to the scammer. When Christine tried to make her understand, they argued about why Christine was trying to stop her. Lisa thought her daughter didn’t want her happiness.

Lisa’s theory got a strong base when she talked with her love (!) on a video chat. She saw the person and tried to prove the authenticity to her daughter. But Christine knew the wrong side of online love.

Every child wants to protect their mother as their parents did for them. Christine understood that her mother was getting scammed and she would never find her love. Christine proclaimed, “Anything I said to her, I was crazy. I was trying to prevent her from finding her love. I was trying to control her.” Christine was right, and the love just flew away from Lisa.

One day, Lisa stopped getting responses from her so-called love. She tried to call the person and texted him, but no response. After losing every penny and with the burden of the loan, Lisa finally understood that her daughter was right. Lisa contributed at least $120,000 to online criminals over several months, according to an analysis of her invoices. 

Let’s calculate what Lisa lost for her love. She made loans and sold off her expensive stuff, including some of her husband’s memory; she lost her friendships with other people, her daughter’s love, and most importantly, her peace of life.

Christine felt her mother’s distance from her as well as the loss of her father. “I have no idea what else we can do to help.” So many people have told her that this is a scam, and she freezes up and doesn’t talk,” she said.

The FBI estimates that scammers have stolen over $600 million from victims through romance scams in 2020. Unfortunately, scammers destroy families financially and emotionally 

When Christine and Lisa were devastated and hopeless, Christine discussed the incident with one of her friends and their miserable life. Her friend told her to get help from a scam recovery service but warned her not to get scammed again.

Christine started to search for recovery options. After thorough research, Christine found Report Scammed Bitcoin, but she was confused. So she checked and discovered that RSB has an excellent reputation and helped so many people recover their lost funds. 

Report Scammed Bitcoin does not directly recover the fund. Instead, they analyze the case and help the victim get the proper support from relevant parties who can help them get back the money.

Now, the question is, how can RSB manage these? RSB has a good network of Law Enforcement Agencies, authentic recovery firms, and good law firms that can help with lawsuits. In addition, they have a good connection with tech-savvy and a good database for scam detection.

Also, they always encourage people to report their scam incidents on their website so that others can be alert and constantly have updated information about scammers. They have an updated forex scammer listCryptocurrency scammer list, unauthorized brokers by FCA, HYIP blacklist, and other scamming websites.

Lisa finally gets her money back by getting help from the RSB-recommended services, and the scammer also gets arrested.

We Hope you will not get trapped in this kind of scam. And if you get trapped, submit a report to us.

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