NFT Foundation: A Critical Analysis of its Legitimacy

Is Legit or Scam?

The is a safe marketplace. Your NFTs are never taken possession of by the platform. Rather, until the completion of the auction, the asset and the money in the current bid are held in an escrow created by a smart contract. The buyer and seller will then finalize the sale at that point.

Phishing websites are something to be cautious of when using blockchain technology. Make sure you are on the Foundation before making a purchase or selling anything when using direct links to the Foundation. scam and many other Scammers frequently replicate websites to obtain your data or money.

What is

It is a marketplace that allows creators to buy and sell NFT art in an auction style. Its art presents itself as a website devoted to making it easier to create, sell, and buy NFTs. By giving them a venue to display and profit from their original works, the platform declares its dedication to helping digital artists. 

Among the services that set nft-foundation apart are tools for creating NFTs, a market for purchasing and selling NFTs, and community involvement options. As one of the many platforms joining the NFT universe, nft-foundation review has become well-known as a gathering place for digital artists and fans. 

This paper aims to give a thorough analysis of nft-foundation looking at its features, services, and functions within the developing NFT ecosystem.


Trust Score



Trustworthy regulatory 

Total reviews


Average score

5 stars

Date accuracy


Overall assessment

4.4 out of 10

Withdrawal method


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Deposit and withdrawals:

The original reviews will be issued to the external wallet address you have supplied, and the wrapped version of the NFT on the Cronos POS Chain will be burnt upon withdrawal. You will be required to pay a withdrawal charge as a result of this during the withdrawal flow.

Account Type:

Depending on the unique requirements and objectives of the business, several account types may be available for a company review.

Red Flags and Warning Signs:

  • Lack of Transparency
  • Inadequate Security measures make nft. foundation scam.
  • Poor website functionality
  • Unclear token utility
  • Hidden fees or unfair practices
  • User complaints and negative are found.
  • Absence of community engagement

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Customer complaints and negative reviews

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What is the starting price for the Foundation?

The Foundation account creation process is free of charge. Having said that, to set up any asset on the platform, you will have to pay gas fees if you accept the invitation to mint art. These fees are paid to the Ethereum blockchain rather than the Foundation.

Does the Foundation pay out royalties?

In perpetuity, artists will get ten percent of the proceeds from secondary sales of non-fungible tokens bought through the Foundation. Smart contracts that save each transaction’s metadata using blockchain technology will be used to track this.

How is an NFT on Foundation transferred?

The foundation has decided to collaborate with fewer artists to maintain their own NFT environment uncluttered. As of right now, the only ways to access the site are either a Community Upvote or an invitation from an active digital artist. You will receive a link to mint an NFT on the platform after you accept the invitation.

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