“RobinMarketEx: A Scam or a Legitimate Investment Opportunity?”

There are several types of online trading platforms available online. New traders always get confused about which one to choose. Some platforms provide all-in-one services and that will be a lucrative option for any traders. But, before choosing these kinds of platforms, you need to know about their authenticity. Such kind of platform is RobinMarketEx.

Is RobinMarketEx A Licensed Broker?

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After entering their website when you see they provide crypto-crypto, fiat-crypto, and all kinds of asset trading services, it will catch your eye. But remember, to provide these kinds of services needs an extensive level of licensing and registration. If you go to their “About Us” section from their footer, you will notice this.

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No license or registration information, no details about their company origin, no proof of their team members. Also, if you go to their other tabs such as Disclaimer, Privacy policy, etc, you will notice that the link ending is in a different language. That means they just cloned this website from another website. In summary, this broker is not a licensed or regulated broker.

Why Should Not You Trust An Unlicensed Broker

Unlicensed means unregulated and unobserved. That means they are not operating under any supervision. As a result, they can do anything with your money and you have nothing to do but repenting yourself for trusting an unauthorized broker. Also, unauthorized brokers are not bound to provide any monitoring reports or financial security. So, your investment will be fully at risk.

Can RobinMarketEx Be Trusted?

After showing all the proof of their faulty characteristics, it is worth mentioning that, this broker should not be trusted.

What Do Traders Think About RobinMarketEx?

We did thorough research on the internet and found several negative reviews as expected about this broker. Previous traders complained about false promises, not enough promised services, withdrawal issues, and so on.

Scammed By RobinMarketEx?- Talk To Our Experts

If you get scammed by this shady broker, and you did not get any solution to recover the lost fund, do contact us. We will analyze your case and will provide you with a free consultation and service recommendations to help you in recovering the lost funds. Be safe and be vigilant.

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