Scam Alert or Legit Opportunity? Investigating

Is Legit or a Scam?

Alpha crypto is a fraudulent website. This broker is in a small country with lenient business registration procedures and no formal regulations. These countries often attract scammers. It is an offshore broker that operates without credible regulatory supervision. 

The absence of law is not the sole reason why many view this broker as a scam; numerous negative reviews and complaints also play a role. 

What is

It is a cryptocurrency and forex trading firm that focuses on providing favorable financing solutions. The company has assembled a team of experts with solid experience in this domain. 

Alphacrypt-pro review is about an offshore broker offering crypto trading.This broker operates in multiple countries and is not regulated by CySec, ASIC, FCA, CNMV, etc. 

However, it’s important to note that lack of regulation is not the only reason to label this broker fraud. 

There have been numerous complaints and unfavorable evaluations about Alpha. It is advised to exercise caution when trading with this company to protect your funds.

Alphacrypt-pro Details

Regulated by


Is this company safe?



Minimum deposit

Not stated

Mobile app

Companies’ mobile application


3440 Old U S Rd, Marianna, Florida, USA

Supported crypto currencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, doge, Ustd, Litecoin, XRP

Claim success rate

Not stated

Deposits and Withdrawals 

According to our research, there is no such data about the deposits and withdrawals. But a few points that they have mentioned are:

  • You can get a minimum deposit of $1000. 
  • After a profit, you can withdraw 20% of your total funds on each payment day.
  • Withdrawal can be done on Wednesday and Saturday.

Account Types

We have done thorough research on their website and other sources; each user is limited to opening a maximum of 4 accounts.

Red Flags and Warning Signs

If you do not want to fall prey to Alpha crypto, we have listed a few potential explanations for why we have categorized Alpha crypto Pro as a red flag:

  • The broker may have posted some misleading statements on its website.
  • The policies regarding bonuses, withdrawal, and other laws and restrictions are not legitimate and are defrauding traders.
  • The traders got constant calls from Alpha crypto urging them to invest higher amounts.
  • The broker needs to make realistic returns policies.
  • We have research and reviews that the risk warnings are concealed or not included on their website.
  • This broker is found in a small nation where business registration is relatively simple, and there are no formal regulations in such places. These nations typically serve as safe houses for scammers.

Read our carefully selected list of 100 top-regulated brokers to make Safe investment decisions in legitimate companies.

Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews

We have conducted extensive research on the Alphacrypto-pro reviews, and we believe it to be not legitimate.

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Got Scammed by ? We Help Victims!

If you have fallen victim to the Alphacrypt-pro scam broker house and lost money, do not worry. is here to help you report the scam and recover your funds. Our dedicated team is available to provide information and support to those in need. 

We have successfully assisted many customers in recovering their lost money from company Please report any scams through the form below for a quick solution. You Can report to us today by the below form


What does Alpha Crypto do?

The ALPHA token is essential for the Alpha Finance ecosystem. It is a versatile coin that enables users to access products on the protocol and engage in governance.

Is a good investment?

A high alpha is considered favorable. Investors who prefer growth stocks may choose a high beta, while those seeking steady returns and lower risk may avoid it.

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