The Scam: Uncovering the Shocking Reality

People nowadays think investment in cryptocurrency is easy due to the use of AI and bots. This concept comes from some influencers telling how they earn thousands of dollars in a week. But, you need to know that this is not that much easy. You have to investigate, learn, and understand how these things work even though you use bots.

It’s been three weeks since I got scammed by coinfxbits, and I’m still angry and disappointed with myself(and with the scammer, of course). I should have known better than to trust a website in a scammer list claiming to be a crypto-earning platform. But I was naive and didn’t know much about crypto trading, so I fell for it.

The website promised that all I needed to do was sign up, make a deposit, and start earning with a return on investment by the percentage of the plans I made investments on. The ROI was jaw-dropping, and I was lured in by the prospect of earning quick money.

The homepage showcased a list of users who had just made deposits, which I later found out was fake. But at that time, I was convinced that this was a legitimate platform.

In recent times, fake websites show real-time notifications or pop-ups of how many people are making deposits from different countries which are not true. But, this small trick click a new trader’s mind and lured him to make an investment.

I made my first deposit and started receiving messages and emails from a so-called account manager. They told me I had started earning Bitcoin but needed to make another deposit to withdraw my earnings. I was hesitant, but they convinced me to make another deposit.

The same thing happened after the second and third deposits. They kept telling me that I had earned more Bitcoin, but I needed to make more deposits to withdraw my earnings. And I fell for it, again and again.

When I finally insisted on withdrawing my earnings and my money, they required a fourth deposit. And then they stopped responding altogether. My requests were ignored, and today, I can no longer log in to my account. It’s like they vanished into thin air.

It is common sense that why should you make more deposits to get your earned money. But, when people get trapped and made some investments first, they think to get out the money at any cost and that is why they continue to invest. But, when they insist to withdraw the money, scammers close the access to account. And obviously, you have nothing to do.

I was furious with myself for being so gullible and hope for Stolen cryptocurrency recovery since then. How could I have fallen for such a blatant scam, not once, not twice, but three times? I felt like I had let myself down and wasted so much money. I was disappointed in the company for taking advantage of innocent people and angry that they were still out there, scamming more people.

I tried to hire people to recover my money, but it didn’t work. The company had covered their tracks well, and there was no way to get my money back. The website is still online just like I visited it for the first time.

In this situation, another scam takes place- the “Recovery Scam.” I know about these scams but no one can help me. Suddenly some people suggest me to submit my case to Report Scammed Bitcoin. They told me RSB does not do recovery directly but their suggested recovery companies are trusted and helpful.

I contacted RSB and explained my situation. They provided me a free consultation and some good recovery company. They recovered my lost money and also provided legal help too bring the scammers behind the bars.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of being scammed. It’s a mixture of anger, frustration, and disappointment. I felt like I had been robbed, and there was nothing I could do about it except file a complaint to the authority.

Looking back, I should have done more research before investing in anything. I should have asked more questions and looked for reviews from other users. But I didn’t, and I paid the price.

I hope my story can be a learning experience for others. Beware of scams like Don’t let greed cloud your judgment, and always do your due diligence before investing in anything. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Update: I’ve researched other similar sites. They have exactly the same offerings and approaches. Even their websites are similar to each other. Be careful!

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